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Thread: High Idle on B13 VE

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2014-03-18 22:54:23
High Idle on B13 VE
So i did a VE swap on my B13.

I use a B13 cali box so i got an CEL.
Ecutalk tells me an error on the EGR sensor

I got an Idle of 1,100 RPM though i already adjust the dizzy till the last turn.

So. Is this normal?
2014-03-19 02:41:40
Usually the high idle is only during cold start with a VE throttle body. You can replace it with a DE throttle body and the problem will be gone. If you are still having that issue, adjust the iacv screw.
2014-03-19 04:04:54
There is a mechanism on VE throttle body to adjust idle on cold start. A hex/allen bolt on the throttle body and cable. First make sure that is properly adjusted.
2014-03-19 10:49:04
Yep the ve TB uses a mechanical coolent idle up for cold conditions. Look at the lower portion of the TB you will see a plunger and cam type lever. This can be adjusted to keep idle lower when cold. FYI if you live in an area with cold weather a high idle of 1100 is perfectly normal, the ve runs much better warm.
2014-03-19 16:17:05
Ok. Problem is i am running it for almost 15mins. And the temp is already normal.
2014-03-19 16:59:26
Then back off the cold screw a little, it's still holding the throttle plate open a touch, even when warm. Start there.
2014-03-19 19:58:50
pull tps
revv up to 3k a buncha times
turn down idle screw on TB
2014-03-21 00:31:37
I tried to use the obd1 sr20 box. And the idle went down to 600. Does it makes any sense?
2014-03-21 02:25:34
uhmmm... I'm just going out on a limb and say the idle isn't adjusted from the ECU (thats the "box" you are referring to yes?) or turning the distributor. 600rpm isn't a good idle speed either. Maybe I'm wrong.
2014-03-22 01:24:36
You're right it should be around 800, or a bit higher if you have a N1 cams for less lope (unless you like that, but for me I don't want the car to make any more noises than it already does, ha)

Also OP you can reset the ECU manually w/ the screw and see if it improves, is your MIL on?
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