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Thread: Doug Fab SR20VE trials!!!

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2014-03-06 16:07:48
well the SR20VE comes in many diff vehicles overseas. Also that is a 20V valve cover.

Maybe some of the OEM guru's can chime in on what makes + models have what.

Im sure there is a link to this info somewhere.
2014-03-06 17:06:30
Nissan VVL engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Info is on the right hand side where the pics are shown.
2014-03-10 20:02:29
Doug are you going to flow bench the headers to figure out where the steps need to be??
2014-03-10 21:25:25
I used this same header for my ve tri y. It worked great but involves more then just a flange change. I posted pics in my custom DIY ve header thread inthe vvl section. I'll be watching this because Doug does killer work.
2014-03-10 21:41:32
I ended up cutting the crossmember some in order to lay the merges more flat.headers are close to even with the oil pan and higher than the crossmember.
Used a 3/16 thick flat stock x2 to reinforce it again
2014-03-11 00:02:49
gonna try and tuck header as close to pan as possible but we all know even with getting it close to oil pan it still seems to sit low.

im looking to add a skid plate to the bottom of header.
my car is dropped pretty low on tein coilovers.

I will deff be messing with choke like others have mentioned. my goal is to get the header on car then tune header as needed to get best results for my setup.

this isn't something you just bolt on. deff gonna need to make some changes.

I will deff ck the write up and will cont my research as to what guys have had success with. to me im willing to put in the trial and error to make something like this happen.
2014-03-11 00:54:36
What I got for clearance
2014-03-11 03:01:02
that's not bad at all. hope to get mine even closer to pan but will see what this design allows.
2014-03-11 03:12:11
That's as close as you'll get, I even straightened the lip on the steel pan to get the header closer but not to where it'll heat the oil.
2014-03-15 04:53:39
Looks pretty good... How does it fit with the cross/str8 member?
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