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Thread: Throttle Issues - 99' P11 VE

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2014-03-02 07:25:02
Throttle Issues - 99' P11 VE
Whenever I let off the throttle, the revs drop a bit, then increase, and then drop back to idle speed. If I am driving in gear and I depress the clutch, the rpms will drop below idle speed around 400 then rev up again like shown in the video and back to idle speed. Sometimes the revs will stay flat as if i didn't let off the gas right away and then back to normal idle speed. This problem is very erratic. This makes first gear annoying because i cannot feather the throttle, it forces me to keep revs consistent or else the revs go wacky like the video and it makes me look like a complete noob and car almost stalls. Any help is appreciated, I don't post often here since I'm on G20.net most of the time - but I have done my share of research and would like more opinions.

This will occur upon partial acceleration too (I must keep increasing throttle even at slow speeds, i can't back off or else the revs surge on their own and the car lurches) so I think I have been mistaking the throttle fluctuation for missing or hesitation when it is indeed not.

I am running a step-down harness, paired with a Moates' chipped B13 ECU on a 99' 5spd P11 VE on an N60 MAF -> currently it is open MAF and I'm waiting on the filter and adapter to arrive in the mail.

Here's the link:

Some of the things I plan to try/have tried so far to solve the issue:

Adjusted TPS between .45-.55v -> P11 doesn't like that at all, I set it to .502v closed and my idle was surging at 1300-1500 rpms -> adjusted back to .345v and idle is steady again no more surging, at WOT voltage read 4.12v I felt that was slightly low.

O2 sensor - I have a Bosch one w/ partially frayed insulation - came with car, that will be my next upgrade, I suspect it in this case.

Clean MAF - I haven't cleaned it yet but I plan on doing so tomorrow, another likely culprit.

Adjust base timing and idle - not sure why timing would be off since I've never touched it, but then again that could be why it might be off.
2014-03-03 18:12:17
There might be a small vacuum leak somewhere.
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