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Thread: White Smoke in VVL......Lost??

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2014-02-25 16:18:51
White Smoke in VVL......Lost??
So I just finished swapping a Sr20Ve into my b13. I have driven the car about a total of 30-40 miles with no issues except when I go into vvl. It is set to activate at 5K rpm. If i rev to 5-6K rpm i get a small stream of white/grey smoke from the tail pipe. However, if I take it to around 8K i get clouds of white smoke.

As I continue to drive and not activate vvl the smoke goes away.

At first I though HG but it only happens in vvl and I don't see any of the other symptoms of a bad HG. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!!
2014-02-26 00:01:11
check your PCV and keep the revs down if your on stock 2.0 P11 VE cams. Also take out your throttle body screws and put lock tight on them before your car swallows them.
2014-02-26 01:10:38
I'll replace the PCV, hopefully it's that simple. Also, engine has N1 cams and upgraded springs/retainers.
2014-02-26 03:56:34
you can just take it off the intake manifold and plug the intake manifold side of it and see if you still smokes.
2014-02-26 08:53:44
White smoke? Where is your temp gauge at this time?

What coolant are you running? Water? Mix? Last time I saw white smoke coming out of my exhaust I had blown a headgasket.
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