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Thread: Rod knock on my VE - options

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2014-02-16 14:47:02
This is true, Joe. However, if he does the quick build (half day job), the car will be more fun and also be more appealing to a possible buyer. Just my opinion on the situation.
2014-02-16 16:59:54
Originally Posted by nismo94tuner
I was in a financial bind as well as the time and took my chances. I saw the hatchmarks were visible and said fuck it. Didn't deck the block, just cleaned off the material left from the composite gasket.

Luck happens sometimes but this rarely ends well for the motor. In the end, you will do what you want to, regardless of reason....but that's how we learn sometimes.
2014-02-16 21:09:53
OP, if you are going to sell the car put the DE in it, then sell the VE parts. You will net more money this way and be cheaper up front. If you decide later to keep the car, rebuild the VE correctly and have fun. No need to slap something together on a chance it will work when you are going to sell it. Take the safe bet and sell it with a DE, 90% of the people out there are not going to pay more for the VE.
2014-02-16 21:44:20
Typically, selling a stock car brings in more money than a slightly modified car.
2014-02-17 12:59:00
Thanks everyone for your input, really helps to weight everything more clearly.

Today I'm taking the car to the shop to check what kind of mess do I have.
2014-02-19 17:16:29
Rod knock on my VE - options
finally at the shop

2014-02-19 18:21:00
^Does that guy have a fanny pack on?
2014-02-19 19:17:04
Originally Posted by squirlz
^Does that guy have a fanny pack on?

well it's definitely not a thong lol hahahha I think it's small one to carry his mobile phone.
2014-02-22 13:26:35
Everyone saying go back to a de wtf? When u started with a Ve?
2014-02-22 13:37:56
Well, when someone says they have financial issues and may sell the car, why not make the most off of it?

I'm probably just being too logical.
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