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Thread: Exhaust cutout on VE

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2014-01-04 07:43:36
Exhaust cutout on VE
I currently have a shitty 2.5" crush bent exhaust with the smallest part by the muffler that looks like it is less than 2" I know most people have a 3" exhaust on their VE however I really don't have the money to get a good 3" exhaust plus I love how quiet it is seeing I'm driving this thing on 350+ mile (one way) drives 2+ times a month... I'm thinking about putting a 2.5" electric cutout right after the cat and just open it on the track or randomly for fun... My biggest question is there a whp gain that will be worth it by getting it over not getting it?

My current mods are port matched SSAC 2.5" header, 3in intake w/ DE MAF, AFC NEO, DE dissy, a wideband, gutted cat and the crappy 2.5" crush bent that i bought the car with lol I dyno'd at 173whp and 138wtq but I want to know if this is going to be worth maybe to 180whp or so? I'm not worried about the extra noise because it will be able to switch at any time I want and I'm not too worried about if its not going to last forever or anything just want to know if it will add power to make it worth the ~$150...
Remember, the crush bent goes down under 2" and I'm not down with getting a new exhaust

Thanks in advanced!

edit: I know reading in the other exhaust thread everyone states that anything after the cat is a restriction and makes more power when it came to the argument of 2.5 vs 3" so I'm curious if this proves true for a cutout as well
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2014-01-04 14:05:26
I am sure the cutout will free up some power, but for $150 i would not waste my money. Save a little more and get a nice exhaust made to your liking. 3" can be pretty loud, but if done right can be quite quiet.
2014-01-04 14:17:16
i have 3" and its really quiet.
2014-01-04 14:17:24
i will sell you my old one for $90 works perfect and on a 2.5" y pipe already (might need mod for your setup)
2014-01-04 17:02:07
Yeah but a 3" with a resonator and muffler is going to cost me 300+ which if I spent that much I'd rather just get a wet shot kit lol
2014-01-04 17:15:52
I had a manual exhaust cutout and cost me $25 for the y-pipe. had a friend weld flanges on the end to sae length as catalytic converter. I'd suggest try that route first. Then, if you like it and want more quiet, add a electric motor to the end.
2014-01-04 22:51:11
My only question is if it will get me to at least 180whp by going from a shitty crush bent to a 2.5" cutout
2014-01-05 01:10:15
It won't hurt, so I'd say it will get you closer.

You can always test it by disconnecting your exhaust before the cat and dynoing it now.
2014-01-05 01:55:08
I have a setup exactly like morgans, on 2.5 ypipe but a 3 inch cutout. I love how it just shocks the hell out of people when I roll up next to them. I have a badlandz and that thing takes a beating.
2014-01-05 03:45:42
Originally Posted by 92SentraSE-R
Yeah but a 3" with a resonator and muffler is going to cost me 300+ which if I spent that much I'd rather just get a wet shot kit lol

so lemme get this straight...you have a restrictive exhaust now,but you would rather spend the money on a nitrous kit?
How do you think that will be worth anything if your exhaust is restrictive now? Nitrous will need even more to make good gains.
...Not to mention Nitrous is not FREE(at least for most of us) and the bottle goes empty fast if you use it much.

The cutout will be the best of both worlds since its quiet most of the time.Only loud when you want it.
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