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Thread: Modified Xcessive plenum kit

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2014-04-26 17:01:17
PLEASE post #'s I am dying to know what that made. It is pretty much the last NA modification I can do to the car without opening it up.
2014-04-26 17:02:01
Off topic but Jagy, where did you get the Hose Techniques radiator hoses?
2014-04-26 17:03:33
BTW what kind of header wrapping is that, and where did you get it?
2014-04-26 17:06:57
Originally Posted by Reedom
Off topic but Jagy, where did you get the Hose Techniques radiator hoses?

lol, look at my post one down from yours, I posted it at the exact same moment; so @jagy we want to know

1) Where did you get the Hose techniques hoses
2) What kind of header wrapping is that
3) I also want to know whats up with your master cylinder (brakes)
4) Where did you find 3.5" piping for the intake (I want that) and finally

2014-04-26 17:11:00
sorry double post see next
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2014-04-26 17:13:32
Sorry jagy I have another question, is this on the intake?

G Spec Performance - Billet MAF Adapter
2014-04-26 19:15:36
@almeragt is car owner, he knows most aswers. It has z32 mbc with BIG D2 front brakes, full race rally suspension, full chassis rebuild. This car is no joke. Owner might start a thread and show pics and setup.

3.5" can be purchased at stores that sell pipes, bends, etc. Aluminium, stainless steel.... whatever you want. Or check eBay whats there. Pipe was modified for MAF sensor and we welded velocity stack at the end.

Car made +14hp over stock intake manifold and held power all the way to 8500rpm (rev limiter, stock valve springs).
Last edited by jagy on 2014-04-26 at 19-18-24.
2014-04-26 19:18:50
Made 14hp with just the Xcessive or was the intake piping also upped in diameter in the meantime?
2014-04-26 21:26:52
bigger throttle body bigger piping would be my guess just saying
2014-04-26 23:27:40
From stock manifold with 60mm TB with 3" pipe and JWT popcharger to ported lower runners with custom longer flange with velocity stacks for Xcessive plenum, 85mm Q45 TB, 85mm intake piping with velocity stack.

Everything has been said in this thread.
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