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Thread: sr20ve to nistune sr20de

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2013-12-25 21:34:33
Yes, that link is for B13/N14/P10 ecu swap to N15/P11 car. Check your B13 pins against VE pins and you will see if there is a difference.

Fuel pump relay seems to have same pin (104), but its strange to me as if you previously used a VE ecu on 100NX harness with NO pins change, then it should just start without problems on any B13/N14/P10 ECU´s. Maybe there is problem with VE distributor on DE harness? Do you really have stock 100NX harness or VE harness?

What we do here when swaping a VE to B13 is:

DE harness with little modifications needed, DE distributor with cutted lower bolt and DE ecu with Nistune/Calum/what-ever-you-like board on it.
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2013-12-25 21:56:20
Yes is a 100nx harness with the ve plugs. Maybe its a problem with my distributor. I hope its a another problem, because I want to keep the ve distributor. Tomorrow I check my spark and change the pins. Maybe it starts again.
2013-12-25 22:29:36
If you have stock 100NX harness then its not a problem with pins.

How do you use VE distributor on DE harness? Did you modified plugs and pins?
2013-12-25 22:50:21
Yes I use the VE distributor on the DE harness. I dont change any pins on the ecu connector. I change the plugs on the harness for the injectors, distributor, iacv, aac and throttle poti. And it works fine with the ve ecu. I usw the ve distributor like this:

Starting at the top left (when looking at the back of the harness connector and going down 1-4, then moving to the top right and going down again for 5-8), the wires and ECU pins for the VE Dizzy & harness are as follows:-
1. Green - ECU 3.
2. White with red stripe - ECU 36.
3. Black with white strip - Earth.
4. Brown (or tan) with white strip - ECU 1.
5. Black - Earth.
6. White with red stripe - ECU 38/47.
7. Black with white stripe - ECU 22/30.
8. Blue - ECU 31/40.

On my DE, they are as follows:-
1. Green - ECU 3.
2. Black with red stripe - ECU 36.
3. Black - Earth.
4. White with black strip - ECU 1.
5. Black - Earth.
6. White with red stripe - ECU 38/47.
7. Black with white stripe - ECU 22/30.
8. Blue - ECU 31/40.

Which appears to indicate I can simply plug my DE harness straight into the VE dizzy...
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2013-12-26 20:11:39
Hello Guys,

today I search for the starting problem. The engine has a spark, fuel and air. But it dosent start... if I spray start pilot to the throttle the engin starts for a while. I have a signal on my injector and a fuel pressure. If I change the pins:

106 to 104 fuel pump
swap 22>31 crank angle sensor
swap 30>40 crank angle sensor
swap 31>22 crank angle sensor
swap 40>30 crank angle sensor

It dosent start and I don´t have a spark.

Any ideas?
2013-12-27 17:02:31
well you got me on this one.
If it starts when you "spray start pilot to throttle" it sounds like it's not getting enough fuel at start up. If you're certain you have fuel pressure, and it's not dropping too low at start up, I'd say you probably need to look at the tune. Do you have a wideband? What afrs are you seeing when it does start? If you get spark, and fuel with the previous pin configuration, then you don't need to change the pins.
2013-12-27 20:52:32
I fixed it.
The problem was to many fuel... more air and he starts.
2013-12-27 22:09:50
So the Kvalue was off in the Nistune then?
2013-12-27 23:35:32

Which is the "RPM signal wire"?
I need it for my msd rpm activated switch.

Thanks for help
2013-12-28 11:25:39
Its pin number 2. Check my links for ECU diagrams...
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