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Thread: What size exhaust are you guys using with NA VE's?

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2013-12-19 18:02:04
I haven't gutted the cat yet but Will it be too loud with 3 inch exhaust ??
2013-12-19 18:53:44
Originally Posted by jagy
Originally Posted by P10
Looks like in addition to the cai, and timing he could have gotten more power. His afrs were off to the lean side during the run

Its leaner till 5000 rpm with mods and it does still made more power and much more torque over the stock. How its possible it gained 15ftlbs at 2500rpm? Is it due CAI and timing? I dont think so. If 3" was bad, it would loose and not gain.

Im not saying 3" is only way to go as I saw nice numbers even on 2.25" or 2.5" but 3" is just proven.

This is dyno of SR20VE 2.5" vs. 3" exhaust.

THIS^. This is a great comparison for that motor. It gained torque over the WHOLE RPM range, no loss down low. Not every setup is the same as others have mentioned, and results WILL vary. In general most people are having great luck with 3", with N1s i think it is a must.

If i had access to a 2.5" exhaust i would try it on the dyno, i should have access to one this summer. I plan on trying multiple setups to see what does what just for the info.

Originally Posted by B13TONY
I haven't gutted the cat yet but Will it be too loud with 3 inch exhaust ??

The cat does a lot for noise, and not to mention emissions. Keep the cat, upgrade to a newer / better one if you want more power.
2013-12-19 21:14:46
Originally Posted by Storm88000
Originally Posted by cory
What? You replaced a head gasket? Omg nvm. Wow. Please tell me how I can make my engine more faster

hilarious.... but i did it with hand tools by myself in an apartment parking lot

why stop at 3"?? If 3" will make a stock DE so much faster, then 4" must be even better? right? but why stop there? how about 5"?

You don't have to stop at 5". People have gone without the exhaust, it's called an open header and it makes power. Imagine that, making power without an exhaust, no exhaust is as big as it can get.

Cory already mentioned the header dimensions was critical. This is where some of us who spend most of our time and money. The exhaust is secondary. To sum it up put on the biggest exhaust you can afford, fit, or tolerate.
2013-12-19 23:17:01
Youre exactly right. I think these guys are still falling for that old myth, you need back pressure blahhh blahhh. Like I said as long as the header is designed properly there should be nothing but power gained by loosing the exhaust. But hey, we don't know shit
Last edited by cory on 2013-12-19 at 23-18-48.
2013-12-19 23:56:38
keep reading that book storm haha

no exhaust all day everyday and just think about it like this. you shoving your dick into a small hole or a big hole what was easier to fit?

thats how i build cars based off that theory give it a try. my intake is a whale penis for refrence
2013-12-20 00:41:07
Well, I have to like Roberts comment.

That book is full of a lot of errors, it is almost redundant.

Everyone else said what needs to be said so I will repeat it.

Intake and exhaust manifolds impact it all. Passed the header design, the most free-flowing, wide open exhaust will make the most amount of power that engine is capable of.

edit: LMFAO @ whale penis comment from Morgan
Last edited by Kyle on 2013-12-20 at 00-42-23.
2013-12-20 07:00:59
Another thing that should be mentioned is that it is not difficult to make a 3" exhaust quiet as long as it's done properly. Don't skimp out on mandrel bent tubing, a quality resonator, and a proper muffler. You can go without the cat, but if it's a requirement in your city/state there are good 3" high flows out there that will only make things quieter. Of course things will still get noticeably louder when the very very loud kicks in.

Absolutely go 3" and get a QUALITY header and intake manifold.
2013-12-21 06:06:53
Thank you jagy, you've changed my mind.
2013-12-21 06:24:49
Exhausts are overrated.

2013-12-21 08:00:09
IIRC, Sport Compact Car put a $500 Greddy 2.5" cat-back exhaust on a 91 SE-R and it made a whole 1 HP but lost like 6 ft-lbs of torqe. Maybe I'm part of an older way of thinking because I've been messing with these engines since 1998, IDK.... but when I was talking about a 3" exhaust on a stock motor I was referring to the DE. The DE =/= VE in many ways obviously
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