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Thread: What MAF and ECU you run with your VVL?

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2013-12-06 23:07:14
What MAF and ECU you run with your VVL?

I am happy now to be part of the VVL crew, working on a GA16DE to SR16VE swap currently. I would like to get some ideas and feedback of what MAF and ECU combo you are running on your whip. Also, any tips or lessons learned you can provide. Thanks

-Paul Pluguez
2013-12-06 23:49:09
The most popular MAF's used for VE swaps tend to be

Most people run some type of tuneable ECU like

Alot of people tend to use a stock DE MAF and stock DE ECU when they first get their swap together untill they can afford/source the upgrades. You run quite rich with this set up but I have not herd of any problems beside bad MPG's and lack of performance.
2013-12-07 00:22:01
Cool, thanks
2013-12-07 15:43:00
unless you go with a turbo or plan to make lots of n/a power, you won't make anymore power with an upgraded mafs vs. stock de mafs.
also talk to greg v at gspec about megasquirt, he talked to me about their new ecu when i saw him in seattle and it sounds like a great way to go without spending lots of money.

for getting it running just use stock de ecu with properly matched mafs and the ve injectors. i wouldn't try and hit vvl with that set up, but you can drive it easy and mpg won't suffer too much, i ran that set up for about 3 months before i sent my ecu to jwt.
2013-12-07 16:45:15
N60 and custom (Marsh tuned) ECU
2013-12-07 18:45:53
N60 Maf
Want max power? Get tuned! Complete ECU REFLASH for your car
Click the ad he tuned my ecu and I cant complain runs quick a nd saves alot of gas lol
2013-12-07 19:41:10
I'll be rocking a JWT and N62 MAF (because I had an extra one laying around from when the S13 was MAF).
2013-12-07 20:00:12
N60 maf and nismotronic

Nismotronic ftmfw the SA Nemu is the best option for the price.
2013-12-08 00:39:39
Guys... he said 16ve.. I wouldnt run a stock ecu on a 16ve. When I tried it ran like serious dog poo, worse then a 2.0ve..

Id run the stock 16ve ecu and maf for sure an have no issues!

You gotta use a se-r engine harness tho.. basically treat it like any other sr swap but you'll have to rewire the maf but thats common.. otherwisethe 16ve ecu will work no problem.

Or just get a nismotronic
2013-12-08 02:03:29
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
Guys... he said 16ve..

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