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Thread: where did you get your vvl?

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2013-11-08 20:43:49
Well contacted jdmenginezone and they arnt willing to come down on price any and cant give me a delivery date so theu are out of the question .. looks like ill be stuck going to jgy and hoping it dont blow up
2013-11-08 22:02:24
lol JGY good luck.
2013-11-09 09:48:48
Yeap pretty much going to need it ... but hopefully since I can hand pick it maybe ill be ok lol
2013-11-09 10:49:09
Jack @ JDM Engine World Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce Have helped assemble his personal car and truck. We have purchased alot of motors/transmissions/clips from him for various swaps. He is local in NYC, beats gas and toll costs into NJ. Give him a shout let him know Hogan from Tarmac referred you.
2013-11-09 11:18:20
The tolls and gas to nj isnt any different than nyc ... I live in North Carolina lol .. jgy is literally less than 2 hours away from me .. basically if the engine isnt within a 3 maybe 4 hour drive from my house it will have to be shipped but if I cant get it dropped at the house on a specific date there wont be anyone there to accept it lol .. I hate my job
2013-11-09 13:14:56
lol tru thought it read NYC not NC
2013-11-18 18:08:10
i wouldnt buy from jgy i just went there to buy a vvl head a few weeks ago and he fucked me big time. there is a good importer in richmond @Fatman489
2013-11-18 19:29:22
jgy is selling ebay headers for $230 come on guys they are a bunch of dicks
2013-11-18 22:39:45
Before buying anything from JGY I rather just rebuild the DE and ride.
2013-11-18 23:09:25
JDM Engines & JDM Parts | JapanStarMotor Albany, NY. Says $900 on the site, but it's really $800 if you call and tell them you are local and need one.

Bought a really nice condition VE and JDM DE from them before. The DE was the cleanest used sr20 i've ever seen.

And yeah, fuck jgy.
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