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Thread: Kelford sr20ve 184-e Camshafts - anyone have results?

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2013-10-21 12:37:12
Kelford sr20ve 184-e Camshafts - anyone have results?
Hi guys,

I see there are a few of you pulling decent times at the strip and many using either 184c's or n1's, question is has anyone actually tried the 184e camshaft?

Any information at all on these would be much appreciated.
2013-10-21 15:34:23
Been using them for the last few months with good results.

They are in the 2.3 and 2.4L.

My high comp 2.0 responded pretty well with them but on ITBs.
2013-10-22 03:13:44
Thought the consensus was that the N1 cams were better and still no aftermarket company has come up with anything better than those. Jim Wolfe keeps dicking around saying they are going to come out with VE cams but it's been years and I think those days are over. SR20VE will be rare in about a decade, too many new cars and engines coming out. Just like now, you see what, one or two B13's every month? and maybe 1 B13 SE-R every 6 months. Wait 10 years, there won't be any, but they will be worth a lot if you have one.
2013-10-22 03:50:27
There are other cams that have been proven to make more money. Nobody wants to spend the money on them for the gains that they give is the issue.
2013-10-22 04:18:22
Originally Posted by nismo94tuner
There are other cams that have been proven to make more money.

Nailed it.
2013-10-22 04:37:32
So no one has actually got results on these cams?

Jamie were the results much higher than the n1s?
2013-10-22 12:54:20
What I continually see with "all-motor" guys here is cams set to 0,0. Has anyone done cam angle changes or degreeing in the Kelford's?
2013-10-22 15:35:41
There is only so much to gain over the N1's. We can't get away with much more lift without modification.
2013-10-22 15:43:05
$100 per HP is solid for NA gains in my opinion.

If people are satisfied with N1 cam power then thats on them.

Been saying for years that the 184c makes more power than any other cam out there.
2013-10-22 16:18:05
Kelfords are worth the money all day long if your willing to take the time to shim them. I can't think of a car we put them in that didn't make more power.

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