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Thread: SR23VE taking home trophy at Honda track event

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2013-10-20 11:47:40
Wow that's incredible! Great job!
2013-10-20 13:07:39
Great job guys !!
2013-10-20 15:26:04
Is there a thread anywhere with more details on the setup? More car info?
2013-10-20 16:27:49
Originally Posted by SR20GTi-R
Originally Posted by PEDRONX2k
ok ok ok so where are the videos....nobody just goes and whoops the shit outa K cars and don't take vids....

SR23VE 10.8@123mph - YouTube

2013-10-21 00:01:30
Nissan Power all day an congrats on a good 1/4mile time
2013-10-21 00:41:00
weight of car and power it made to the wheels?
2013-10-21 01:23:38
Have to go back on the scales. I am about 210 lbs and Bes is about 230, no light weights here lol Last checked with fuel tank was 1980 with driver.

Played with cam gears and moved the powerband around. Peaked very high initially.

New intake setup should sit us around 325whp at the same stroke/compression
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2013-10-21 01:28:26
2013-10-21 01:29:02
Originally Posted by B15NEOVVL
Nice work, Marsh Tuning and all the CT guys. It's nice to see you guys are still quietly pushing the platform, in a very loud way!! I believe it is only a matter of time until somebody hits 9 seconds in a super light car, powered by a naturally aspirated VE engine.

A few years ago, 260whp was considered alot for a big block VE. I'm guessing there is probably 350+ whp waiting around the corner, with the right combination of parts.

Quick question - What is this car revving to? Also, I am surprised to see the move to a 92mm crank but I have no doubt you guys know what you're doing!

Congrats to all involved.

Working with 4piston racing we learned a thing or two that will help us get to the 350whp mark at 92x92.

We are always limited with track time because of weather but what we learned with just 2 track sessions gives us an
Idea of where the car will be very shortly with changes to come.

May have to wait until march for the 10.2@130mph pass
2013-10-21 01:31:44
Originally Posted by turbotank

Something similar.

Been playing with some fuel mixes along with C85.
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