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Thread: Looking for a Little Insight: OBDII, RPM Switching & The SR20VE

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2013-10-01 17:14:12
Looking for a Little Insight: OBDII, RPM Switching & The SR20VE
OK here's the situation: I have a 96 P10 and a P11 SR20VE that is about to go in. I currently don't have emissions, but I may be moving to a county that does. Emissions here in Oregon means you have a tail-pipe test, and if ODII, they plug in to the port to make sure there's no check engine light. I'm trying to figure out my options. Only option I know so far, is to go with a JWT reflash and use resistors to trick the ECU into thinking EGR and the like is still all hooked up. If I go that route and use an external RPM switch, the ecu is $600 (plus $100 switch). If JWT puts all the switching internally, it's $870! Yikes! Would it be better to just use the MSD switch? And why do people use the window switch, wouldn't you just want to switch it on and off at one point? Are there any other options out there for OBDII cars? RS Enthalpy does not support OBDII, I just checked. Just trying to get the best bang for the buck, but still be able to pass emissions in case I move to that area.
2013-10-01 18:54:34
Why not just get the NismotronicsSA setup? I have no check engine light but still pops up like factory(car in on position) Also you wont need to run the MSD box either. Just wire it your stock harness.
2013-10-01 18:58:49
I thought Nismotronic only did OBDI setups? I need the OBDII port to work with the emissions test. Being in CA, I know you know how that is, ha ha (used to live there myself). If they do, then that could be an option as well. How much do those run? Does it come tuned, or do i need to hit a dyno?
2013-10-01 19:51:26
Or maybe Nistune that also does OBDII boards...
2013-10-01 19:57:31
They're still around? I thought they went under? Man I've been out of the game for too long, lol.
2013-10-01 20:38:41
i went through JWT but my ecu was only $5XX. I chose not to have them handle the switching points because then its set in stone and you cant change it. they told me to switch n1 cams at 6k on a stock motor which was way too high so i would have been screwed if i had them do that. i got lucky and found a brand new greddy mss for my car. if you plan on making big performance changes i would go with nismotronic or a stand alone. if you plan on doing small upgrades like cams or maybe slightly higher compression i think JWT can make changes for higher compression. do any upgrades before you send your ecu out too.

as for the egr, i put a resistor in the egr temp sensor plug and hooked up the vacuum lines with the right air flow to the solenoid and just plugged that in normally, no cel and passed that part of the test, but failed because i didnt have a cat. tried to fool it but it didnt work so i just registered my car out of emission test zones
2013-10-01 20:40:05
Jumper harness and OBDI ecu done. We are a nismotronic dealer and tuner steve lol
2013-10-02 00:05:58
Yeah but will a jumper harness and obd1 ecu show obd2 sensors ready?
2013-10-02 02:46:26
Some of you guys are missing the point, 2literturbo needs an OBD11 ecu in order to pass OBD11 emission testing. During OBD11 testing, the smog tech will plug into the consult to read any trouble codes. Obviously, you can't pass this part of the testing with an OBD1 ecu.

Nistune would be one option, since they do OBD11 ecu. Another option would be find a Calum OBD11.
2013-10-02 02:57:36
Yeah, the testing is the limitation for sure! If I could, I'd do a route like the nismotronic, etc. But I was offered a used OBDII JWT ecu for a decent price, so it may make sense to go that way.
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