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Thread: Water Pumps, 16VE vrs 20VE on a VET Build

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2013-09-01 22:24:47
Water Pumps, 16VE vrs 20VE on a VET Build
Which water pump would suit a 450hp+ 9kRPM SR20VET Build?

The SR16VE Has smaller fins which is meant to prevent cavitation. The 20VE has bigger ones which i guess means it flows more?

What would suit my build? I am swaying towards the SR20VE Pump but then my motor will see high rpm.

What about Pullies? The SR20VE has a bigger water pump pully that then SR16VE

Looking forward to knowing other peoples opinions on this.
2013-09-02 00:19:28
16ve pump all day
2013-09-02 01:48:34
There was a thread a few years back where some useful info was discussed. Let me look it up for you.
2013-09-02 02:19:04
Here it is

2013-09-02 02:24:36

Thanks for that, i had already read that thread but there isn't really a conclusion. I have both pumps in hand and trying to figure out which one would suit my SR20VET Setup.
2013-09-02 03:50:35
You would never have to worry about cavitation with the 16ve pump
2013-09-02 03:58:13
Originally Posted by ga16eats
You would never have to worry about cavitation with the 16ve pump

Yes, but will it keep up with the extra water needed to cool the turbo and the extra heat because of boost? I am high boost/power AND high RPM so weighing up both pros and cons to get one overall best for this build.
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2013-09-02 04:00:06
electric water pump and you won't have to worry about cavitation.
2013-09-02 04:01:04
Cavitation isn't my main concern, plus id rather use one of the OEM water pumps
2013-09-02 04:06:26
I would use whatever pump would net the better flow rate, and use a larger waterpump pulley to slow it down.
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