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Thread: TPS after VE swap

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2013-08-23 21:41:41
hit up jktuning and see what they say
2013-08-26 23:19:41
Originally Posted by circa.13
I am finally getting a chance to mess with it. I have the nismotronic open and live streaming. I lossened up the TPS and moved it abit and nothing is registering on the lap top. Just stays at 7.

disconnect it completely and see if it reads it....?
2013-08-28 02:46:33
Alright fellas I finally remembered to bring my Fluke home from work. Stuck my prongs in the top and middle pins and I am reading 2.2 volts. Doesnt matter if its WOT or idle position. Loosened the screws up and moved it back and forth and still just stayed at 2.2 volts. Im going to venture a guess and say I have a bunk ass TPS?
2013-08-28 02:48:46
Also just disconnected the TPS plug from the TPS and its reading 2.2?!?
2013-08-28 21:49:06
Anyone have an idea where to start looking for the issue?
2013-09-10 16:46:26
Several weeks later bump.
2013-09-10 19:47:52
the tps should read .45-.55 volts dc at idle or with the car off. if it does not change when the tps is rotated then the tps is bad or the lever on tps is bent causing it to read off. usually even if the arm is bent it will still move through its range. 5 volts is wot.
2013-09-10 20:22:53
What would cause my tps plug to still read 2.2 even with it completely unplugged from the actual plug?
2013-09-10 20:27:35
Originally Posted by circa.13
What would cause my tps plug to still read 2.2 even with it completely unplugged from the actual plug?

put a stock ecu in the car and see if it changes. here is a tps adjustment guide.

SR20 Setup Tips
2013-09-10 20:37:52
i've found that the 2 plug tps SUCK, not sure why.. i end up swapping DE throttle bodys on to use the older more reliable tps, not to mention the whole ve tb screw ordeal..
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