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Thread: Sr20ve 20v and vet timing chain

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2013-08-16 11:51:37
Sr20ve 20v and vet timing chain
I'm trying to find out how to make sure my chain marks are correct without having to take the oil pump off.

I have 16 links from the exhaust to intake cam dots but how do I check from the crank to the exhaust cam.

Help would be much appreciated.
2013-08-18 11:17:53
Pulled the pump off as there's bugger all info on the 20v/ vet timing chain.
2013-08-19 01:17:21
I hope the engine wasn't in the car for your sake... Best way is to measure top dead centre on the No 1 cylinder with a dial indicator so you know your crank pully isn't out then use the diagram on post 7 of this thread.

The timing chains are the same length, just a different design so the diagram holds true.
2013-08-19 09:15:11
Engine is on a stand as im fitting a crank scraper.

I've got a Ross balancer so TDC is marked. Sr20vet cam gears and chain have a different tooth pattern to the Sr20ve. So that pic does not apply.
2013-08-19 10:19:58
10 and 12 applies for single row chain. Cant remember how i timed my last morse chain VE. I think from memory there was a marking on the camshaft itself.
2013-08-19 10:51:49
If you have a 20V or VET chain, crank gear and cam gears all the markings are there to set the timing.

The chain has colored links
The cam gears have marks on them
The crank gear - spacer has a mark on it to.

If you have the oil pump off this should be easy
2013-08-20 00:03:56
Well to avoid taking the oil pump off in future and you have checked TDC on the pulley its probably easiest to fit a degree wheel and check it based on cam timing events. Assuming you are degreeing the cams its necessary anyway so no extra work.
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