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Thread: Crank scraper install questions

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2013-08-04 22:54:18
Crank scraper install questions
If anyone on here has installed a crank scraper then I have a couple of questions for you, though in fact anyone who has done any 'crank work' on their VE should be able to answer them.

First of all, when I attempted to loosen any of the crank main bolts (is that the proper term for the 10 17mm bolts holding the crank in place?), I found out I am unable to do so, even with an electric impact. However, I did not try too hard with the impact, as I would rather not damage anything before asking on here. Is there anything else preventing the bolts from turning, or are they just really well-torqued?

And my second question is, is it even alright to remove those bolts without turning the motor upside down? The crank pulley and rear seal housing are still in place, so I assumed those should hold the crank up for the brief period while I am putting the scraper and bolts in. Though this is my first time poking around in the bottom end and I would not want to have the crank fall out or something.

Thank you for any information.
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2013-08-05 00:22:08
U should be fine because the chain, rear seal and balancer are still in place. They are very well torqued in there. When the old sits in the bottom of bolt it seems to have a suction type of effect on the bolt. But just remember to tighten the bolts to the right specs and sequence. What type of scraper r u running...... Also do u have pics. And for the record those main caps are probably on there wicked tight so do it up
2013-08-05 23:36:07
Ended up just turning the motor upside down. At first I did not want to do so because I heard it is not good for it, but then I read that it should be fine. That allowed me to get more leverage with the electric impact and I got most of the main bolts out except for the two by the rear seal housing. I will attempt to go at those today.

As for the scraper, it is the Ishijara-Johnson one. Just the basic steel version. Since the VE does not have a girdle, I thought that it may make the bottom end a bit sturdier, not to mention hopefully free up a couple horses.
2013-08-06 01:58:31
2013-08-07 01:52:13
Originally Posted by liljay781

2013-08-07 18:28:47
oh purdy.......how much did that set you back for
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