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Thread: Pulled a VE apart, was blowing smoke...

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2013-08-01 10:20:38
Pulled a VE apart, was blowing smoke...
This engine has been around for a few years, its been in 4 cars, 5 if you count the original P11 it came from.

Its got N1 cams, N1 intake, 3 angle valve grind, springs and titanium retainers. Its prob been to 9k rpm more times than you have had hot dinners, and its held up well. Bottom end was stock and never opened. Made good power, sounded good.

So my mate took it to a trackday, and it started to blow large amounts of smoke. We figured rings. He got a 2nd hand bottom end complete, figured we would swap the head on and keep on going. Took the cams out and oops...

High lobe rocker is all smashed and bits everywhere, high lobe engagement pin is gone, so im picking it was prob just firing oil out of the hole in rocker on vvl.

Ok, not too much damage,can get a spare rocker.

Took head off and No1 piston has a lot of oil on it, valves and plug have a lot of oil. When he drove it to my place it made a bit of smoke, but was other wise idling and running ok.

Now is that a burnt valve? It has a lot of melted embedded metal on it? The tops off all the pistons look fine, no detonation or damage, the bores look ok, even on No1. Could the oil have been coming from somewhere other than rings?

Im not a head expert, but the rest of the valves dont look too good, different to the other VE head i have sitting here.

Thoughts? Opinions?

2013-08-01 10:54:47
Id take the springs, cams and intake and slap it on the other head honestly.. from what I see In the pics the valves look toast, hopefully the rings Aren't in the same shape.
2013-08-01 11:57:28
He got a new bottom end, but VE heads are a little hard to come by atm as all the rwd guys are buying them up. Complete engines used to be worth 500 or so, now more like 1000.

He owes me for work, so looks like he is going to take some bits off the car and leave it with me as payment. No engine or box as it has a cusco lsd in it, and i think he wants the good bits from the VE head incase he builds another car one day, GTS Sunny B13 daily lined up for him as something to get around, will ve that later. He is broke as, and im out of pocket for my time.
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