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Thread: B13 ECU on VE

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2013-07-22 01:24:38
B13 ECU on VE
Im running stock SR20VE with B13 ECU, i know im running rich, what should i do? Does the safc will solve it? Nismotronic RT is my option but i cant afford it by this time.
2013-07-22 03:04:03
I'm not a super expert on this, if anyone can quote me on this. But for what I know if you did a VE swap and you running stock MAF and ECU it shouldn't be any problem beside wiring up the window switch. (Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong.) The only time you going need a SAFC, NIStune, Calum, Nismotroni RT or any standalone is if you are running a different MAF etc. and if you want to take the full advantage of the swap.

Also, yes with the SAFC you can tune a little bit fuel & air but not to a full range like if you would with a NIStune, Calum, Nismotronic RT, or any standalone ECU.
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2013-07-22 12:09:38
I ran mine on on de ecu de maf ve inj,it pulled nice just that the obdii 7000rev limit didnt help out haha,im sure it will be fine just a lil rich,i liked running my de ecu cuz it wouldnt hasitate wen cold like base maped calum or jwt ecus
2013-07-22 15:03:16
Running a DE ecu with VE injectors is probably going to be OK for a while until you can get your Nismotronic, which will make a huge difference for you. To be safe, it would be good to check your AFR with a wide band O2 sensor. VEs tend to vary a lot in their fuel requirements.
2013-08-07 00:37:15
put your b13 injectors on the ve, until you get a tuned ecu.
2013-08-08 11:26:07
Just get the nismotronic it not had for the price but it does. A. He'll of a lot I was running the stock b13 ecu with the de Mac it was ok and I also was running rich I on a new ve swap so I got the nismotronic was able to lean out my af mixture and what a hell of a diff that's the way I went just saying but good luck
2013-08-08 21:17:31
Why not just use the VE ECU for the time being?
2013-08-09 00:50:52
I think you should run the de parts like the maf,inj with the de ecu till you tuned man
2013-08-09 01:17:39
I am researching on doing a ve swap in b14. Where can I send my stock ecu to get a basic ve tune so I can use the ve maf and injectors. I have to buy a new race pony as well and $500 isn't in my budget for an ecu. I can't see paying $500 for an ecu running a stock engine with no mods and I would prefer not to use de injectors. Can this be done for a reasonable price?
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