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Thread: what is the CR of sr20ve 20v with 16ve pistons

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2013-07-11 15:03:51
what is the CR of sr20ve 20v with 16ve pistons
Hi guys
I wanna use some 16ve pistons on my 20v engine
But I wanna know the CR is going to be the same that regular sr20ve?
Some people told that is going to be lower but I want to listen some opinions of you guys
2013-07-11 16:53:51
I ts going to be somewhere 13-13.5 :1 !!
I dont think the head chamber CC's are too different from regular SR20VE
2013-07-11 17:11:04
This may help you

20V engine + 16VE pistons CR - SR20 Forum
2013-07-11 18:15:26
So if a use a +2mm head gasket the CR is going to be closer than 12:4.1
2013-07-11 18:30:56
I need something like 12.1 - 12:5.1
N1 pistons is going to give lower CR right?
2013-07-11 19:36:48
N1 pistons will be ~12.5:1. SR16's are up in the 13's like Payu said. I did SR16's with VET headgasket and ran fine on pump gas. I forgot who calculated it but they said its something like 13.2:1. Tuning is the key.
2013-07-11 23:31:16
But if I use a bigger head gasket the time is going to be off
And I running 20v cam gears
I think the better option is CP piston
But what CR does I need to buy bc the CC of the 20v is 40.5 vs 41.8 of the 20ve. So the CR in the 20v is going to be higher anyways
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