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Thread: What will it make to the wheels?

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2013-07-05 04:54:51
Originally Posted by Vadim
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty

B15 disc w/ jwt Pp here.. Got it from Jensen about 4 years ago used, i've put about 30k or more in it, I have about 50+ n/a drag passes on it an have been boosted for well over a year and so far zero problems. Knock on wood.. Great combo if ya ask me.. I believe @Vadim runs a similar setup.

I'm running ACT HD PP and B15 SE disc, it's been holding 200wtq no problem. I've been autocrossing, took it to AMP and did probably about 15 drag strip passes with launch control at 4k rpm. No problems at all still grips very well.

It seems to be that the problem with ACT is the clutch discs themselves, not necessarily the pressure plates.

Here's a photo of my ACT disc after about 6k miles from my N/A VVL. I only discovered it because I developed 5th gear pop-out and had everything apart. I replaced it with the B15 disc:

All the springs were digging in.
2013-07-05 05:19:28
Thats an old disc. Very easy and common to pop the springs on those.

The new discs have yellow springs and dont have that problem (as much, some say they have popped springs on the new style discs)
2013-07-05 05:22:42
My friend stripped the hub of one of the yellow spring disc's on a stock Det on stock boost
2013-07-05 05:39:45
I was only talking about ACT the spring issue.

The hub stripping problem ive heard was spread out over most brands; most likely caused from missing an alignment dowel b/t engine and trans.

/thread jack

2013-07-05 13:11:01
Originally Posted by Kyle
Originally Posted by SE-Rican
Originally Posted by Kyle
Fuck boost.

(both are fun)

Fuck that Boost > NA

2013-07-05 13:13:14
Get a lightweight flywheel, and possibly pulleys.
It will not make more power, but lightening the drivetrain is one of the most rewarding mods, especially on NA motors.
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