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Thread: VE noob with a question step inside

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2013-07-01 22:38:22
VE noob with a question step inside
When the vvl engages is the exhaust cam supposed to be as loud as the intake cam? I unplugged the intake solenoid and left the exhaust solenoid plugged in and took it for a drive and didnt hear anything when it got to the activation point of 5000rpm I then unplugged the exhaust solenoid and plugged in the intake solenoid and heard that when it kicked in then i plugged them both back in and it sounded the same as when i had the intake only plugged in. The car pulls hard as fack the way it is if my exhaust cam is not kicking in i can only imagine the madness when they are both working 100%.
2013-07-01 23:43:03
Exhaust sounds louder as it has a bigger impact on exhaust flow. You probably have an issue with your wiring, I recommend adding a light bulb to the circuit to let you know if each cam has been engaged.
2013-07-02 00:14:50
Hmm I wonder if the solenoid its bad I knew something was up lol
2013-07-02 00:30:19
Unplug one and send power to the wires, you will hear it click. Unplug and plug the other one in and do the same. With NismoTronic I would activate it based on TPS, thus I could raise the butterfly by hand and hear it click while the motor is off.
2013-07-02 00:57:52
Exhaust cam is wayyyyyy louder.
Just remember the intake solenoid is closest to the head, exhaust is further away.
2013-07-02 01:08:19
Stop playing with trying to hear it switch.. just jump each selenoid one at a time. You will be able to hear it click. Just do it with the car off. If you hear it click, the only thing that could stop it from switching if there both activating is the flow. When you pull the vvl housing off there is a filter that can get clogged and stop them from switching .. its one of the two
2013-07-02 01:21:58
Powered them both from the battery and they both click and its the one furthest away.from the head thats working correctly wtf man
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