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Thread: Fitting a Tomei 91MM Stroker Crank

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2008-05-26 00:39:59
Fitting a Tomei 91MM Stroker Crank
I've seen a few threads on boring & sleeving can't find the answer to this question.

What work has to be done to the block to fit a Tomei 91mm stroker crank & rods?

If you already have an 8cw DE crank & cradle in there, will it make the job easier, harder or no different? In other words, is it easier to start with a new block or is there an advantage in already having an 8cw fitted?
2008-05-26 00:44:52
IF you're increasing the stroke, without modifying the deck height, wouldn't you need shorter pistons? IDK, just asking for personal knowledge.
2008-05-26 01:40:44
Indeed you do, I think you raise the pin by 2.5mm.

It's the actual block itself that I would like to know about. You have to modify the sump for a std 8cw but do you have to do much more for a stroker, specifically a Tomei stroker.
2008-05-26 16:38:31
there are block mods that are needed, i believe tomei has the info on there website
2008-05-27 00:51:55
Thanks, I had a look but I guess it's all about which block you have as to what is exactly needed. I'll have a chat to my engine builder at some time & see if he's done any Tomei stroker engines.
2008-05-27 01:21:10
you have to shave down the girdle and inside the block so the crank will have clearance when it is rotating.
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