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Thread: studdering issue with new ecu installed

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2008-05-24 03:39:14
studdering issue with new ecu installed
just got a ecu from calum ...(im not saying at all the calum messed up in any way shape or form ... im just trying to get some info on what to do so i can better diag. the car) i know its a good ecu cause one of my friends came to visit me in west palm when i lived there to help him with his p10 , his car was burning pig rich and was blowing black smoke like a blown turbo on a diesel his ecu in his car wasnt getting a mass air flow reading ... so i installed the one i sent calum and everything was great .. he got home fine and used the ecu for a while till he got his own ... now i have a sr16ve pervious owner told me it was a n1 but on the forum tell me its not but it has a jdm harness so i used a b13 ecu to get it programmed with basic .... the car idle fine when i first installed it took it on the first test run ... it felt just as good as getting road head ... pulled great and didnt know 3rd gear could feel so good lol i got off the exit called one of my friends to tell him how the test drive went then all of a sudden the car felt like it was cutting out .... pull it in to my drive way then reved the engine past 1500 rpm and when it gets to about 1200 it feels like it cuts out and drops quickly to abbout 750 rpm ... is this normal ? sorry for the long post but i like to be very thero with my issue .... if u can help great
2008-05-24 07:25:26
Did you push the lever all the way down when you put the chips in the ecu?
2008-05-24 18:14:23
hell yeah lol he gave mt 2 sets of chips and they both do the same thing ... i took them off several times and made sure they were on correctly everytime
2008-05-24 23:50:45
i think i got it figured out hasnt happpened on a while .... changed the pills to activate the vvl at 5600 WOW huge differnce ill post a vid later on today
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