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Thread: Eggman nx2000 Dyno tuning

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2013-04-17 21:31:32
Eggman nx2000 Dyno tuning
I had the pleasure of meeting eggman(jay) on Saturday,he's a real good guy and had fun Dynoing his car and spending the day with him and other sr20 guys.
Gotta say its a nice nx he has.

1-After some base line pulls with the stock Ecu intake arm and airflow meter, it ended putting out 144whp.
We then removed the silencer in the exhaust and gained 3whp to a grand total of 147 whp.
2-we swapped out Ecus to a chipped one and aluminum intake arm and n60 maf,gained some power on the tune but not quite there.
Run 13 intake cam on only,you can see the mid range went up.
Run 14 exhaust cam on only,you can see it chokes in the midrange.
Run 15 is tuned

The car was very down on power so we started with the diagnostics,we started by unplugging each solenoid one at a time and did a pull with the intake on only and the mid range picked up but top was still low.
Unplugged the intake and plugged the exhaust on did a pull and the lost mid range hp and gained on the top side.
Final verdict the resonators are the problem.
we unhooked the header from the rest of the exhaust and did a open header pull and the results.
Run1 base
Run 15 tuned with both resonators on
Run18 open header.

we ended up putting the car on the lift and cut off the 2resonators and installed a straight piece of 2.5 inch pipe.
Also noticed that right around the gas tank to the muffler the piping(axle back) is actually 2 3/8.
With the exhaust fully operational now the car was able to lay down 186 whp.
Run1 is what he came with
Run24 is tuned on the 2.0 cams.pretty good gains from what he came with.
(Wrong graph it made 186,this was the 184 pull)

-Eggman said time for the n1 cams and cam gears. 0-on the intake and -2.5 on the exhaust.
Did some more tuning and here is the results. I'm sure with a 3" exhaust a few more ponies should be made.

Here are the last 2 Dyno vids.

Thanks jay. Good meeting you
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2013-04-17 22:03:26
Also did some improvements on triniboy07 200sx Vvl.
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2013-04-17 22:26:25
To those of you who spend tons of money on mods then short change on tuning here is a prime example of how important tuning is. Eggman thought his car was running well and after a tune and 52 more whp you guys tell me what's good!!!!!

A 52 whp increase in a NA application is HUGE!!!!!
2013-04-17 22:28:49
Thanks rob,
Triniboy07 is running a Jwt Ecu,and with just the fuel pressure adjustments and timing gained 20+ hp and large amounts of tq in the midrange.
2013-04-17 22:40:53
2013-04-17 22:57:04
Gio, let me know next time. I'm down for a little hangout.
2013-04-17 23:13:56
Where are you located? Where was all that tuning being done?
2013-04-17 23:14:55
Thanks for the nice comments,I have been working hard to get this NX ready for ATL. so that means alot to me.

I just gotta " like " every post! hahaha
I will add some vids I took eventually.

Big thanks to Gio for the tuning,Brendan for use of the dyno, and everyone else who lended a hand down,there...as well as Rob(SE-Rican) for the encouragement..LOL
Everyone I met was really cool and friendly.I wish I was closer,I would be hanging out alot more.
It was a very long day for me,but well worth it.

....Now ,If I can just get a 3" exhaust on the car,I will be set for a while.

Love the first pic in the rain for some reason.
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2013-04-17 23:16:48
Originally Posted by Scrildo
Where are you located? Where was all that tuning being done?

Florida...,Miami area is where the dyno shop/Gio is located.
I am over 4 hours away so it made for a long day
2013-04-17 23:21:00
Thanks Gio for the hookup and it was definitely fun chilling with everyone and meeting Eggman. Still can't believe how long of a day it was there
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