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Thread: Pre swap jitters and questions.

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2013-04-13 09:10:04
Def replace your steering rack brushing when you pull the motor. also you will have extra plugs after the swap so don't worry (no egr shit) and you can take te 2 ground wires and bolt the to the 2 spots on the intake mani
2013-04-13 14:09:38
Alright I get what you guys mean by needing to use the DE injectors. I will be running NEMU but not right away. I want to run a little bigger MAF and rather have the VE injectors so hopefully a few weeks after the swap I can get NismoTronics.

The DE front and rear main seals are the same as the VE correct?
2013-04-13 15:09:30
The PS line may hit the oil filter. Some people notch the PS pump bracket, some people move the hose. This is worth looking into because its a pain in the ass to deal with once the motor is in the car. Also remember to extend the ground wires that go to the intake manifold when the motor is out.
2013-04-13 18:34:59
Tap the block for turbo while the motor is out. Otherwise its no different than a DE, you will just need to hook up the VVL...oh and if you can replace the hoses on the lower intake mani (heater lines or what ever)
2013-04-13 19:29:08
stock fuel pump good?
2013-04-13 19:57:49
The car is eventually going turbo so i'm going to tap the block for the oil return and throw a walbro 255 in there also thanks for all the good advice so far guys i really appreciate it.
2013-04-13 20:23:23
Personally, I'd stick with the VE injectors even with the DE ecu. In my experience with my swap the DE injectors resulted in slightly lean conditions especially in the higher end of the RPM band. VE injectors resulted in mid 12s low 13s AFRs, which I'd much rather be at especially with an untuned ECU. Also I'm running the DE dizzy like you are going to be, don't worry as long as you replace that o-ring on it, shouldn't have any problems with it leaking.
2013-04-13 21:08:02
Re: Pre swap jitters and questions.
I wonder how much power Na the stock fuel pump can support?

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2013-04-13 21:50:25
I actually ran both sets of injectors on my VE at different times. I had the DE injectors with RR DE ECU/MAF at first and then I switched to the VE injectors with RR DE ECU/MAF. I actually preferred the VE inectors in my set-up. I was happier to see the STFT pulling out fuel with the VE injectors than I was seeing the STFT dumping in fuel with the DE injectors. This is going to be different in every case though and without a way to monitor just how rich/lean you are, you are just pissing in the wind.

Regardless of which injectors you choose to run, anybody doing a swap should be monitoring their AFR's. This is the only true way of knowing, with immediacy anyway, how the car is perfoming. Because all engine set-ups run differently, there is no precise way to know what the AFR's will be in a swapped set-up. Because of variations in the MAF readings, narrowband o2 sensor, injector performance, differences in vaccuum pressures, ability of different ECU's (different years) to pull/add fuel via the STFT, it is hard to compare one set-up to another. VE injectors in one particular set-up might yield mid 12's and low 13's, but in my set-up they might yield high 11's and mid 12's.

I think it all comes back to having a wideband and a clean/proper functioning set-up. I see too many people throwing bolt-ons, cams and whatever else at a new set-up when they haven't even covered the basics. Those basics being, a way to monitor the engines perfomance and a proper and/or professional tune. One should not be spending 1K on cams or $600 on a header when they haven't even spent $175 on a wideband o2 sensor. It just makes no sense. Also, dropping $150-400 (depending) on a dyno session with a tuner is the best way to ensure that your engine is perfoming well and that you are ready to start throwing performance parts at it.

Beyond all of what I've just said and regardless of what your specific set-up is, flogging the engine under sub-par conditions is not a good idea. If you are running the DE injectors and running lean, or the VE injectors and running rich, you should be cognisant of the fact that your engine is running out of it's optimal range and you should therfore be somewhat more restrained in how hard you push it. Both scenarios, DE injectors/ECU on VE engine and VE injectors/DE ECU on VE engine should be stop-gap/temporary at best.

One final thing, if any individual is swapping out injectors at any point in time, make sure to replace the lower injector seals (fuel rail) as well as the lower/upper injector o-rings. Vacuum leaks at the rail, as well as fuel leaks at the injector are not pretty and will definitely cause a rediculously rich condition, especially with the VE inj./DE ECU. Make sure to also use proper lube on the inj. o-rings (vaseline works well) when putting the injectors in the rail. The 2nd last time I was messing around with inj. in the VE rail, I used a small amount of oil on the o-rings and it was not enough and I ended up damaging a set of o-rings. It was not a nice running car.

In summary....wideband o2 before monster street sweeper!
2013-04-13 22:54:42
I beleive you will also need to use passenger side engine mount bracket from your DE
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