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Thread: Slim Fans for Koyo Radiator?

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2013-04-23 15:32:36
This was exactly my question, so now I'll add to it. I see a lot of different Spal 12" fans, some curved, some straight, etc. Does it matter? I'm going to mount them in the stock location. Does anybody have any pictures on how they mounted them up or do they go in the OEM mounting rig that then attaches to the Koyo? Also, can someone take pics of how they wired it? This will be my first time attempting something like this and my car is my DD and I would like to visualize everything I'm about to do before I start so I know what I'm getting into.
2013-04-23 15:43:50
1) Zip ties can be used to mount the fans to the radiators or supplied plastic radiator mounting tabs

2) Wiring will solely depend on if there are pushers vs pullers. It's simply a two wire connection which is reversed polarity (read: swap the two wires around to move from pusher to puller). I ended up snipped the connectors off my car harness for the fans, installed male bullet ends on the two wires, and installed female bullet ends on the fan harness. Took all of 2 minutes to do and check polarity (just waited for the fans to come on and then swapped plugs if needed)

Simple really!

3) Please provide a link to the fans you were thinking. Depending on the angle and orientation of the fan blades, they are better as pushers, pullers, more air, etc. It seems the straight blades are "pullers" and the curved blades are "pushers" (which it says directly on their site................)

Use the search button to find pictures of the setups. There are plenty of photos for your liking
2013-04-23 17:40:22
Ouch, I just got "searched", it isn't often I haven't searched properly and get my hand slapped. Will do.

I'm thinking of something like this:
Spal 30101504 12" Straight Blade Low Profile Fan : Amazon.com : Automotive

With Hotshot Gen 4 headers and A/C, will I need the slim version, or can I go for this one?
SPAL Fans UNIVERSAL 0 - 0 30100375

edit: Since I am putting them in the stock location, I presume I will need pullers>
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2013-04-23 17:56:32
Originally Posted by Isfahan

edit: Since I am putting them in the stock location, I presume I will need pullers>

Correct. Just make sure you have sufficient room as the engine bay gets cramped rather quickly
2013-04-24 04:00:55
I think I'm going to go with these:

They are listed by the SPAL website as pulling about 150CFM of air less than the medium sized fans, but at over 900CFM, running two of them, I imagine I will be fine. Thoughts? I do have A/C, and sometimes I'm in stop and go traffic in the summer at 110 degrees F. I'm trying to decided between these and more room in the engine bay, and wider ones that pull more but leave less room in the bay.

Edit: I contacted SPAL and the difference between the low profile and medium profile fans is actually over 300CFM, which is huge. I am probably going with the medium profile, such as this one:
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