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Thread: Center Fed manifold

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2013-08-05 03:36:26
Originally Posted by mercado
so what's the advantage of this center vs side fed im going to buy one tomorrow anyway but who can give some inf on this

Center feed manifolds are better at evenly distributing the air to each runner. For example look at this flow test simulation.

Check the center feed video out:
2013-08-05 06:09:13
cool thanks
2013-08-06 00:23:02
well like I said just bought it from them online
2013-08-07 14:00:29
Re: Center Fed manifold
Did you buy a center fed plenum from.xcessive?

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2013-08-07 16:47:36
Originally Posted by 91SE-R
Originally Posted by nismo94tuner
I would do it. Should make good power. If you are having welding done might as well go with some custom runners.

By custom runners what do you mean? Making them longer? And I figured this setup on a VE with sr16 pistons, N1 cams*some port and polish and some good headers would run pretty good on a 125-150 shot

16ve pistons+150 shot

I'm curious to see how long that lasts...
2013-08-07 17:51:36
yes I.bought it is suppose to come in monday
2013-08-07 17:52:59
Re: Center Fed manifold
What runners are you going to use ?

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2013-08-22 02:36:28
n1 runners fully ported
2013-08-22 03:02:59
Originally Posted by mercado
n1 runners fully ported

lucky you got them. discontinued now apparently.
2013-08-25 10:34:42
Mercado: Do you got the plenum?
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