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Thread: Center Fed manifold

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2014-09-07 00:58:39
you could try separating the lobes... or get a water injection kit.... what's the numbers meng!?
2014-09-07 12:59:02
Did you recheck the ignition timing after installing the new cams?
2014-09-07 14:02:42
Exactly. Timing likely not right. ^^
2014-09-11 17:31:48
Ok guys, i found the cause of the problem i was having.

I had incorrectly installed the N1cams, the intake cam was in fact advanced one tooth. The car got tuned like this (with dastek unichip) and was audibly detonating on the high lobe and also missfiring beyond 7300. Here is the dyno graph from that day:

After realising my mistake and correcting the cam timing, i took it for a power run on a dynojet with no changes to the tune:

So as you can see, im at 209whp and the tune needs work. Thats it for now.

Next time i hope to be using nismotronic instead and raising the RPM limit.
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2014-09-11 18:40:54
Great work! I think it's time for some s&r's
2014-09-11 19:50:29
Worth noting that the car only has a 2.25" exhaust, with a 2" backbox and still has the OE CAT fitted.
More power left to unleash there.
2014-09-11 23:43:19
I think this set up is gonna make vlose to 220whp with 3" exhuast and a better tune.
2014-09-12 01:15:57
I like this setup
2015-06-10 07:39:45
Now running Nismotronic and 3" exhaust system.

Ran a 13.1@107mph on street tyres
2015-06-16 17:07:03
Originally Posted by SR20-AUTECH
Now running Nismotronic and 3" exhaust system.

Ran a 13.1@107mph on street tyres

HOLY HELL.... daz insane bro.... amazing run for a well deserved build... keep at it... any videos or her screaming down the quarter?
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