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Thread: Center Fed manifold

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2014-08-04 11:08:37
Map sensor, ditch the maf. Car is going to be the truth.
2014-08-08 13:02:36
that floppy piping will also kill any respectible dyno figures... turbulence is the enemy.
2014-08-13 01:49:56
Do u have a concern for cylinder 2 and 3?
2014-08-29 15:58:05
any updates?
2014-08-29 19:35:42
Originally Posted by blo0d
any updates?

The latest news is that i have fitted N1 cams, and also a Highport DE cam cover to give more space for my intake pipe.

I now have a 76mm alloy intake pipe to install this weekend in place of the flexi ducting.

Mapping / Dyno is 03/09/14. Wish me Luck!
2014-08-31 18:22:57
This the new intake pipe. Happy with how this turned out and still clears the bonnet.

2014-09-01 13:46:29
JAE this year Frank?
2014-09-01 21:11:29
If they had a build of the quarter... this would be it! the numbers should be great, just cause.
2014-09-02 04:19:13
Thank you for sharing. Hope to see healty gains.
2014-09-06 19:27:12
Could any of you guys shed any light on why my motor started getting detonation at high RPM (5-8k) after installing N1 cams. The motor previously had regular SR16VE cams and didnt suffer detonation.

Setup is:

SR20DE block / SR16VE Head
N1 cams
16VE pistons
Centre fed intake /Q45 tb
4-1 header
2.25 exhaust

Over 300psi cranking pressure.

Could the cam change have affected cylinder pressures enough to have caused detonation onset?
Can i bring the pressure down slightly by adjusting the cam timing? I.e Retard the intake cam.

Advice is appreciated, car got tuned but unable to remove detonation with ignition timing adjustment, without a complete power flop.
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