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Thread: VET headgasket Qs

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2013-03-14 23:59:56
VET headgasket Qs
Hey everyone I have a problem with my car. I have replace my headgasket with a VET metal headgasket and beem driving it for 8month With race here and there no problem. But for a week now I havr notices running out of coolant and today I have coolant in my cyclinder n water shootinf outta my exhast when I rev it. Just wonder when you guys that use metal head gasket do you guys have to do a sexond retoqure after break in period.
2013-03-15 01:15:12
I heard that the stock head bolts stretch after use. Did you get the head resurfaced when you changed the gasket to the metal type?
2013-03-15 01:47:46
I used apr headbolts I didnt resurface the head cause it looked good. If the head. Or block surface was bad shouldnt it already show sign earlier... this suck..
2013-03-15 01:56:37
No, you don't have to re torque . The head doesn't necessarily have to get resurfaced for the vet gasket, .but you obviously have some issues. Pull the head, get a draught edge check for warping or and other signs of failure. The gasket it clearly leaking
2013-03-15 02:05:16
Must be leaking. I have reused a VET gasket and head studs for a last minute build and the motor never moved coolant. Motor had thousands of miles of 9K abuse and lasted. Something is up. Get that head milled and start fresh.
2013-03-15 02:28:04
Yea I've really used them a ton aswell. Also installed them without resurfacing
2013-03-15 05:10:22
Is your VE actually turbo?

well speaking from experience, I just got my head back from the machine shop after being resurfaced, and it needed it. it was like 1/15thousandths or something warped.. and this was from a similar situation with coolant all in the oil and burning/blowing it out the exhaust (also replacing head gasket)

I also got new OEM Nissan head bolts, thought about the APR's but read bad reviews here and there, and plus the OEM's were like $4 a piece.
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2013-03-16 01:10:15
Nope it NA. Okay i was talking to my bro ask me if my coolant not mix with oil and just spitting out exhaust then he say water might be coming from Intake... but as i remember and correct me if im wrong but i dont think our VE have any water hose running on or to the intake manifold... i know the honda do..
2013-03-16 03:59:41
wrong they do, you should change them all while you have the head off.
2013-03-17 00:16:31
Kool guess ill just pull off the manifold fir. Then go from there. Cant do anythint till nxt weekend
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