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Thread: VE swap in auto P11...

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2013-03-18 02:11:45
Originally Posted by OptimumSE-R
Guys, Bes' friend made up his mind and wants vvl. If he wanted opinions on what he should do, he'd post a "what should i swap" thread.

we are just saying.... a VE motor swap is NOT going to be cheap, and not even near 60 percent of its potential in an automatic (especially the relatively heavy P11) - the guys who said just get a SR20DE RR motor are right on the money. Without a manual transmission, the VE is a waste of time and money.

Don't forget, while it's a relatively easy swap compared to other cars in this class, there's still a lot of mumbo jumbo that goes on and a lot of wiring.

He should get a 2000-2001 Sentra RR motor and maybe the JWT S3 RR cams. Then it would run nice,
2013-03-18 04:03:56
Maybe swap in an NX2000 auto trans...the gearing will be a little shorter,and I think may even be LSD
.Not sure about the P11 auto trannies,but the NX200 auto has the sport/economy switch on the dash,as well as the O/D on/off button on the shifter..It actually makes a difference with the sport/econ mode and the OD off in the NX .I was surprised for what it was.Especially out of the hole.
I had an auto NX for a while,and it was slower than a 5 speed ,but not terrible once you learned how to drive it to make the most of it.
Still way faster than a GA 5 speed,LOL.
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2013-03-18 04:39:25
I once had an Auto P11 (00 so RR motor), it was so slow I had to wreck it convince myself to get a 5 speed P11.

Either way, RR auto's don't hold much power at all, I don't think they will like to be reved high either. RR valve train is more efficient then VE's, might as well get custom low cam grinds for the RR motor and you will have the same effect .
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2013-03-18 04:47:05
Drop in a RR with a VE valve cover and tell him its VVL lol.

Save ya some headaches
2013-03-18 14:16:58
Originally Posted by B15NEOVVL
I am not sure what emissions are like in your area but if he has to stick with the stock ECU, he will have error codes for EVAP solenoid and EGR. These are not easily dealt with on a 32-bit ECU. He will also have to get an adapter made to run the RR TB on the VE plenum. Without the RR TB, you will have additional codes for IACV.

If he is able to drop down to a 95-99 ECU, he will have to deal with atleast one of the following, IACV, EGR, rear o2. Not to mention he will have to unplug evap canister plug to allow for proper TPS voltage. The B15/P11 engine harness shares TPS/EVAP wiring.

VE with RR ECU is somewhat fun but not worth the hassle! VE with G20 ECU isn't bad and can be reliable but it all depends on how strict emissions are in your area. If you have to pass plug-in, he will fail. Going to older ECU requires re-wiring of the harness for IACV/AC, MAF, rear o2 etc. Not to mention he might fail a visual inspection for the EGR.

I had a VE auto and this post covers pretty much everything.

What ecu? You can use the stock and add SAFC. Get the adapter for RR TB on a VE if you use the stock ECU.

Swapping is easy, just getting all the codes cleared, but I know you northeast guys can figure that stuff out. My B15 auto trans worked just fine with the VE. And they can hold low-mid 200's whp.
2013-03-18 15:13:07
Originally Posted by pTen
Drop in a RR with a VE valve cover and tell him its VVL lol.

Save ya some headaches

Haha, didn't this actually happen to someone on here? They bought what they thought was a VE engine with the redtop valve cover and it ended up being a DE?
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