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Thread: Klassickricans's VE-T Build

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2013-02-12 22:31:36
Klassickricans's VE-T Build (PICS HEAVY)
Well guys I thought it was time to post up some pics of my" Drag car" build as requested..this started in 2011 on to present time Enjoy :applause:

Crower "I" Beam Rods good for 300hp Per Rod..

Swain coated CP VE Turbo pistons 9:0:1 comp. Skirts PC-9 coated- top "Gold" coated for Nitrous apps..

ACL Calico coated Race bearings= 5-hole Main/19mm Rod/ and thrust washers

MAZWORX ARP Studs= Head/main

Head/Block/crank gets cleaned up stock 86mm Bore,crank balanced and micro polished
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2013-02-12 22:37:08
Wow that block is clean! I want
2013-02-12 23:16:18
swain and calico coating are worth every penny. Looking good Dom
2013-02-13 00:47:36
Got some more for "MI Gente" (its pronounced "Me- HEN-TAY"/My People) Might as well teach you some spanish while we Here.

The Build
First and for most

Added the DE 8cw Crank and DE Girdle to help hold the Bottom end together.

This is my Staff "Quality control,Project manager and Security"..
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2013-02-13 01:08:09
Are those the off the shelf ARP head bolts? If they are, sell them and get the mazworx since your going big power. Those regular ones tend to lift at high boost because they do not fully bottom out in the block.
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2013-02-13 01:18:18
They Absolutely are Mazworx Man..Thanks for pointing it out..(Edited first Post)
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2013-02-13 01:36:29
Pistons,rings and VET HG
Oil rings=top ,middle,bottom all go together like a Burger

The middle ring (oil scraper) has a lip you can only see from the bottom..

Top Ring in and all done..

Peanut Butter Pistons are in, VET Head Gasket On..........:numbness:
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2013-02-13 02:44:30
Head cleaned and lightly ported ready to get bolted on

VE Oil pan gets tabs shaved to fit the DE Girdle.

nissport oil supply

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2013-02-13 03:30:57
2013-02-13 06:04:54
The Break-IN
Ok moving along the engine is BUILT,Now its time to Break it in.I basicaly took out all the components from My Daily DET setup and tranfered it over to the New VE motor for the break-in.


3rd SHIFT Project Manager ALWAYS on deck..(Pops 83 yrs old still loves doing swaps)Thats where I get it from..

It's IN

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