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Thread: Going to dyno Wednesday. Any estimates on peak HP?

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2013-01-31 22:17:03
Just from the tweaking and testing I've done I like the runners a lot shorter with a smaller choke.. I think custom or race asp is the way to go.
2013-01-31 22:28:07
195 is pretty good for a Mustang dyno on that setup.
2013-02-01 01:20:46
Thats why we use Dynojets they will reed within few whp from one to another other Dyno makers use a correction factor that can be changed or manipulated and they can change the readings from one to another!!!
2013-02-01 01:35:37
well I used togo to a mustang dyno here in pr and they read lower than dynojets its like 14 percent less on my sr16 when it was made a 2.0lter it had 173 on a mustang dyno and 193 ona dynojet
2013-02-01 04:12:47
I really dont see the sense in doing a dyno run [or tune] on a certain TYPE of dyno and then make changes and go to a different TYPE of dyno to see the gains. Makes absolutely no sense at all. The gains in this case would have been so small [if any] that you should have gone back not only to the same TYPE of dyno, but to exact same dyno you made the 206whp on.

2013-02-01 06:47:17
I think it made that power in a different State with another owner.
2013-02-01 13:53:30
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
I think it made that power in a different State with another owner.

Well what he should have done is do a dyno run on a dyno of his choice BEFORE the mods, then after the mods, go back to the SAME dyno. Otherwise it's pointless doing a dyno run and making reference to the dyno figure from a different dyno in a different state.

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2013-02-05 15:45:30
also remember peak hp for a split sec, doesn't mean a faster motor on the road. as for headers, i still believe the asp budget header is tough to beat.

2013-02-07 03:31:45
still getting it ready to head to the other dyno?
2013-02-07 05:18:50
Yep, I'm heading over to an actual dynojet tomorrow afternoon, just about 10 min down the road. No more fooling around on Mustang dynos

Will let you guys know what I get. I'd be happy with 208hp
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