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Thread: Going to dyno Wednesday. Any estimates on peak HP?

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2013-01-26 03:40:32
Wednesday afternoon

I will post full dyno charts, the whole works
2013-01-26 16:41:18
Originally Posted by SR20GTi-R
3rd gear for NA.

No need to strain the car in 4th. With the correct inertia/ramp timing on dyno, you will get the same results +/- 1 to 3hp.

Even with a Nismo N1 gear box (shortest gearing ever) 3rd is fine.

this was what i assumed also
2013-01-26 22:43:35
Ha, so I went out today and got this stuff at Advanced Auto Parts, just for the hell of it. Maybe the very last dyno run I'll pour half of it in the tank and see if it makes any difference (good or bad) on the HP numbers.

I know some of you said it won't do anything, or even lower HP output, but it was only like 10 bucks so I just wanted to try it out. I think its marketed towards ricers who think putting it in their tank gives them "20hp y0"

:nonchalance: lol
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2013-01-26 23:20:10
its blurry, but it says it increases it by xx points...

Whats it say?
2013-01-26 23:24:16
Oh it says it increases octane up to 7 points. Whether or not that is true I have no idea. I plan on running a tank of 93 octane anyway. 94 if I can find it, but it's not easy to find around here these days.
2013-01-26 23:50:46
Snake oil
2013-01-27 00:01:35
... points usually mean 0.1 octane not 1.0 octane
7 points = 0.7 octane
2013-01-27 00:25:34
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
Snake oil

Yah, I sort of bought it as a joke. Just b/c you guys said it wont do anything. Oh well I'll dump half of it in for the last dyno, mix the tank around, then dyno again. Don't expect to see any change.
2013-01-27 00:49:20
octane booster can do something, especially if you mix it too rich. it can bugger plugs and f*%k your 02 sensor....
2013-01-27 17:23:08
Not running an o2 sensor At least the primary
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