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Thread: want to stroke out my sr16ve ...

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2008-05-14 02:24:25
im gonna do this at home ... im a UTI graduate and certified jaguar tech ,been a tech for jag for about 5 years now but quit cause i moved to texas like over a month ago ... i have all the tools needed to do it pull out the engine and break it down ... right now im working on jags at home and have wanted to stroke it to a 2.0 for a while now ... doesnt hurt to piece what i need over a period of time and do it when i have all the parts .... patients i do have to wait till i get everything i needto do it cause reguardless i have to remove 2.0 pistons and get the relief cuts for the valves cutt 1mm deeper ... thats what miko told me when he saw my car when i first got it ... i would love to buy a 20v engine but i dont have the money or the space to put it .... thanks alot for all ur help guys :+)
2008-05-14 16:18:00
you are going to spend a lot more money than you think...there are plenty of people running 20ve's with N1 cams why would you need to have deeper reliefs?
2008-05-14 17:52:18
when i perchased my car i was told it was a n1 ... recently measured the cams and they are n1 cams i have the intake manifold minus the extra 4 injectors the 70 mm throttle body ... miko told me that i would have to get the pistons cut a extra 1mm due to shaving of the head from factory ... ive been in the VE world for about 2 years and really starting learning about all the things that work with VE i would say about 6 months ago ... i might not know alot about VE right now but im very mechanically inclined
2008-05-14 20:51:46
ok if you are going to pull the motor
Buy a gtir block or a 20ve block (the 20ve will be better since you won't have to modify the oil pan
Buy crank-scrapers
Check your cyl walls after you take the old pistons out
Buy NEW pistons from Greg V
It may be a good idea to disassemble your oil pump, clean and relube
Balance everything, even the flywheel

Enjoy your new found power
2008-05-15 02:29:12
u think it would be wise to do that or just boost it ... ive been seeing some turbo kits real cheap
2008-05-15 03:26:11
you are going to spend money regardless, what do you want?

you will still need to drill a hole in your block to turbo it
here is the difference between 16ve rods and gtir rods

2008-05-15 05:45:40
that looks BEEFY lol .... honeslty i wanna be greedy and do both but the turbo will have to wait .... ill keep it n/a and if im still not happy ill boost it ... reguardless i do want it to be stroked to a 2.0 ... and it doesnt look like the sr16 rods can hold alot of boost they look alot thinner them the gtir rod ... thanks for the pics
2008-05-22 06:40:56
I damage my sr16ve. damage the con rod bearing. dont pull as yet but if the head is good, i want to use it with a sr20ve. will just but the 20ve and swap the bottom end. Now I want to use the sr16ve ecu but how will i add fuel and adjust timing?

I hope a afc will suffice for the fuel and i can tweak the distributor timing. what should i set it at?

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