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Thread: want to stroke out my sr16ve ...

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2008-05-09 09:00:46
want to stroke out my sr16ve ...
what bottom end should i use to stroke it out to a 2.0?
2008-05-09 11:58:26
Just buy a 2.0 VE.
2008-05-09 12:37:11
or get a DE 8CW crank and rods?
2008-05-09 14:32:42
Originally Posted by gtirwezz
or get a DE 8CW crank and rods?

yeap, or a 4cw crank will work as well if you want,

2008-05-09 15:39:45
Originally Posted by SE-Rican
Just buy a 2.0 VE.

x2 best idea
2008-05-09 16:38:25
Uh, just get the DE crank with pistons and rods. Build it up and make it insane!
2008-05-13 07:27:43
what year motors r those internals from ... i wish i had the money to buy a 2.0 ve but i aint rich lol
2008-05-13 16:02:46
buy a DE short block or better yet a 20ve long block

if you could find a GTIR short block even better (minus the pistons)you may be able to find any of these for less than $300

disassemble the shortblock have it cleaned, take note of the bearings on the crank

assemble your new motor and have a machine shop balance everything.

Your 16ve oil pan will need heavy modification to fit the new crank. you will have to remove the windage tray, grind down the bolts that hold the windage tray, if you run the girdle you will need a 20ve pick up the 16ve pick up has an extra piece of metal on it.

and a few other little things
2008-05-13 21:43:01
this vehicle is my daily driver so im looking for stroke it with little down time as possible .... if i get a b14 sr20de can i swap out the internals ?
2008-05-13 22:00:59
First of all, are you going to be attempting this yourself or having a shop do the work?

The time and money that it would take to swap the pistons, rods, and crank will be more than just buying a 20ve motor and swapping it. Think about it. It should only take a full day to swap a 20ve in, then you can sell your 16ve head for $800 and you could sell your 16ve pistons and block.

If you decide to swap just the pistons, rods, crank, you are still going to have to pull the motor. Then you are going to have to take it to a shop to get the 2.0 pistons, rods, and crank in because from reading your posts, there is no way that you should attempt to do that part yoursefl.
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