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Thread: VVl crazy idle issue

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2012-11-16 01:28:20
VVl crazy idle issue
Im having some issues with my b13. My idle stays at 2500-3000 rpm if I disconnect the maf the idle drops down to a normal idle. Im using a de maf. I have a base ve flash on my ecu with the de maf. Its driving me nuts. The tps is set at .45 v and the throttle stop screw is set all the way out so that its fully closed. I dont know what else to try.
2012-11-16 02:27:01
What ECU are you running?
2012-11-16 02:31:22
stock b13 ecu with a nismotronic basic chip
2012-11-16 02:59:56
Are you sure you don't have a vacuum leak at the intake manifold? Or around the throttle body to IM?
2012-11-16 03:54:04
keep in mind if your using the VE TB it has a plunger thing on it that can be adjusted to bring the cold idle down.. but yeah it sounds like you might have a vac leak.
2012-11-16 23:16:14
Bizarre that it still idles at all with the maf disconnected
2012-11-17 01:07:09
Cold idle is fine. I'll check for vacuum leaks in a bit. If it idles ok with the maf unpluggled could it be that the maf is no good?
2012-11-17 01:30:35
I'm sure if I went out and started up either the VE or the DE, then disconnected the MAF, it would stall.. at least after a few seconds. thats what makes me wonder. i have no idea
2012-11-17 01:43:10
No vacuum leaks I used TB cleaner and sprayed around the manifold and no changes in rpm. So my car should not idle with maf unplugged?
2012-11-17 03:52:49
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