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Thread: Pito's SR24VE

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2012-12-31 22:57:06
Oh and please don't stop posting on the projects coming out from you guys.
2012-12-31 23:11:09
I dont think anyone meant anything bad by what's been said. Just simple suggestions. Nothing wrong with the way the guy is shifting. Just simple suggestions of proven things to work that we noticed wasnt being done. Beadlock screws and preloading. Simple things that will improve the 60ft. You guys have more drag passes than probably the rest of us on this forum combined lately.

Back when I had my first se-r I was at the track literally every weekend getting 10-30 passes a night. So Ive got plenty of drag racing experience. Its already been said he doesnt have an ebrake in the car and I highly suggest putting one back or putting in a hydraulic staging brake by putting the rears just on a handbrake.

Don't take the suggestions wrong. What you guys accomplished in such a short time is outstanding and nobody is taking away from that at all. Keep up the good work guys and yes, please continue to post what you guys are doing.
2012-12-31 23:20:14
Pito's SR24VE
No guys its all good don't worry I just didn't want the thread getting carried away. But the suggestions are well appreciated.

And I won't let you guys out on the fun.

Im getting a 3rd go pro so more vids and much more cars to come.

Plus my road racing b13 VE.

I have some vids of Payu too I will post soon.
2012-12-31 23:46:51
2013 will be a great year.
2013-01-01 02:01:17
^^^ yes it will!
2013-01-01 04:27:07
Originally Posted by Digitek

Just In case Im Edrick not Payu. Even thou we are like the same a tight group but no one is hating at all. I don't want no one to get the wrong idea. But just not take the topic too off topic thats all. Car will improve but non the less car is moving extremely fast right now.

What's up Edrick, this is Kevin.
I'm still planning to come down there and check you guys out, just been really busy. That's one of my New Year resolutions.
I know 2013 has a lot more in store.
2013-01-01 19:29:02
Pito's SR24VE
Whats up Kevin. As you already know doors are always open just let me know with some time when your coming so I can get a few Nissan's together.
2013-01-01 19:57:58
Originally Posted by gio94sr20ve
Not for nothing but racing to Puerto Ricans is like walking,comes natural to them. Keep doing what your doing guys you guys are in the right direction and already made history in such a short time. Good luck and best of wishes for 2013.

This how we roll bro...

2013-01-02 00:37:41
You guys are making me want to take a vacation to PR!
2013-01-02 03:21:02
Originally Posted by Digitek
Whats up Kevin. As you already know doors are always open just let me know with some time when your coming so I can get a few Nissan's together.

I'll let you know well in advance.
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