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Thread: Pito's SR24VE

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2013-03-18 20:10:45

Nothing more from me.
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2013-03-18 20:12:33
Originally Posted by 91sentragti-r
im not taking sides nor trash talking about anyone,i just say it how i see it based on the threads that i read on the vvl section. if i offended any of you then i would like to appologize for that.

I don't think that is your intent, but you are making comments that aren't founded. I just don't want it to slide down that way. These threads turn into shit slinging and then everybody shuts down and doesn't share anything for a few months.

I just don't think the statements about CT haven't run the same ETs as the PR camp need to keep being harped on. There are lots of reasons for this.
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2013-03-18 20:41:00
I in no way try to offend anyone we know that there is more ways of making more power!!! Its all about the BUDGET!!! We will stick to what our budget let us go!!
I am aware that Pito's car wont be able to run on a US track but we here dont have any rules in this class so far but at some point they will have to get a cage and that will add weight to the cars!!
I know who builds ITB's
We can get custom cams made too!!! Maybe more expensive but we can get them made!!
The motors built at this point can get more compression too!!!
At this point we will be able to use the NEMU to run on speed density and Alpha-N to tune ITB's when the SA version will come out!!
Jamie an I have speak via PM about different things!!!
So for us its a budget thing!!
This year will be a good year for VE's development of parts!!!
I in no way dividing anything here I just share results!!
We are not trying to compete with Jamie's motor's make more power than ours I respect that too!!!
This its a FORUM!!!! In real life there its more things involved to get from point A to point B that people on the FORUMS can think of!!
So lets keep good things coming!!
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2013-03-18 23:00:17
Alot of people take what I say out of proportion. I am in no way trying to knock anyones setup. You make do what with your budget persists, again you guys keep pushing the limits.
2013-03-19 02:48:43
Why are some people trying to squash the discussion. 'Negative' or 'Positive' are both RELATIVE terms, so I dont see anything wrong with what's being said by either 'party' here. Well 'wrong' and 'right are relative terms too! Let the discussion/criticism continue. At the end of the day, the forum will benefit.

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2013-03-19 13:42:42
At least understand what you are talking about before posting.

Nobody is trying to squash the discussion or anything either 'party' is saying here. Just the sideline BS which makes real people walk away from the forum.
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2013-03-19 14:03:59
Sometimes we want to run a PUBLIC forum [albeit there are rules] as if it's our kitchen...

2013-03-19 14:23:06
Nevermind... you guys do whatever you want in here. I think the big boys have packed up and left.
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2013-03-19 15:01:37
Originally Posted by wnwright
Nevermind... you guys do whatever you want in here. I think the big boys have packed up and left.

Isn't that always the case nowadays?? People not realizing who they are talking to................

As much as I love this forum, it is the sad truth at times..................
2013-03-19 15:14:16
I'm glad to see the word budget and fast in the same sentence lol keep up the good work fellas, this is a site to find info and push the limits, we all are heading towards the same goal to be faster with what we can so let's keep it friendly boys!!
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