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Thread: Video How VVL works

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2012-11-08 05:22:24
Video How VVL works
Sorry if its a repost, i haven't seen it before so i figured someone else would gain from it too
2012-11-08 05:30:50
Nice vid! Very informative...I understood the concept before but never seen it broken down like this.

Thanks for the post!
2012-11-08 06:15:29
LOL, wrong vvl system, nothing to do with the our engine.
2012-11-08 06:37:45
Well shittt haha...regardless of the motor it was still neat to see it broken down.
2012-11-08 14:10:33
It's similar concept but different implementation. In this system the low lobe is the center one and high lobes are the outer lobes. In ours it's the other way around, high lobe is center and low lobes are outer. Oil pressure locking is the same concept but different implementation.

Also note this is a roller rocker setup in the video, sadly our VVL didn't get to that point.

In our system when on low cams only the center rocker is free moving, so that the big lobe can push it down and not give more lift. Once oil pressure is sent there is a pin that locks the center rocker to the two outer one and then pressing the center rocker will open the valves.

Picture of our cams:
2012-11-08 18:06:51
Great video to understand the concept, the implementation differences were nailed by Vadim
2012-11-08 18:15:48
That setup seems fairly more complicated than ours. I'm thinking it shouldn't be able to rev as high ours without problems. HLA roller rocker, more moving parts, etc. IMHO
2012-11-08 19:42:12
The above Eaton VVL has several drawbacks.

1. Like other have mentioned, it is complicated and would cost more to produce. The system only operates one valve. Three cam lobes just to operate one valve. If the engine has two intake valves, like our engine, it would take 6 lobes to operate them, imagine the cost to grind 2x cam lobes.

2. The Eaton system won't have the same high rpm capability as the VE because it's not a shaft mounted rocker arm system. Instead, it's like DE with the hydraulic lifters. The rocker arms would pop off at high rpm.

Another thing about the Eaton VVl is the roller rocker bearing is only in use for the low cam, reducing friction for the low center lobe, but does nothing for the two high outer lobes. The high lobes just wipe over the rocker arm pads just like our engine.

The Eaton system could be adapted to the DE engine since they both use hydraulic lifters. The oil gallery is already there.
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