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Thread: Maxima CAS

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2012-11-09 05:39:09
Ill get a Maxima cas next week and post up some pictures. I have a P12/T30 Cas and a S13 cas to compare
2012-11-09 16:02:55
...Done it... It will work perfect, just have to grind and machine it down a little bit.
2012-11-09 16:14:27
Thank you Trey2

So the Maxima CAS will work just have to grind and machine it down a little?

Does anything else have to be done to it?

Also, me and Blood have been talking and we were looking at the 92-94 Maxima CAS, is that what you are using?
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2012-11-09 16:15:51
thanks for posting @Trey2. could you use some calipers and measure the diameter of the machined section?

would be nice to just take the info to the machine shop when we do such a conversion.

also does the sections that go into the exhaust camshaft have to be flipped? because visual comparison between the p12 and the ve30 CAS shows a difference.

and finally could you take a pic of the bolt holes on the VVL head and how the ve30 CAS aligns to them.
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2012-11-09 16:19:39
and finally could you take a detailed pic of the VE30 CAS disc?

I know in your PM you said it was the same as the RWD DET disc
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2012-11-09 16:24:55
Yes, the plugs are identical to the pick up used in the SR20DET CAS, and the pin needs to be flipped that goes into the cam, and I think from my measurements you would have to rotate the CAS just a little more to the left so it matches where the pick up is on the VE distributor vs the maxima. You just have to look at where the pick up is on the head.
2012-11-09 16:25:26
It's a VE30 engine form the 92-94 Maxima SE engine, kinda rare to find them, but that is the CAS you need to get.
2012-11-09 16:34:05
love the info in this thread...

Mods could you rename the thread?

Maxima VE30 CAS... P12/T30 CAS Alternative
2012-11-09 19:30:22
Love this thread subscribed
2012-11-11 10:13:26
So can we finally use a maxima CAS for a RWD VVL setup with stock SR ecu?? From what model of maxima is that CAS?
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