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Thread: Couple of 88mm VE questions

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2012-11-06 22:27:47
Couple of 88mm VE questions
Major question first! Is a torque plate defiantly required when boring stock sleeves to 88mm or can will it be safe to bore without one?

2: What head gaskets can be used on a 88mm ve block? Is the 88mm bored vet one the most suitable or what is the best option?

3: Not so important but is there much to be gained from going 88mm over 86mm???

Initially running:
N1 head
N1 cams
12.5:1 cr approx
4cw crack
Genuine factory ported n1 intake manifold, n1 TB, n1 maf
N1/fuji header
2.5" catback system
light weight flywheel
ur crack and wp pullies
vzr box, 4.78fd
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2012-11-06 22:30:49
1. can be done without it but feel a lot safer if one is used
2. bored vet
3. a lot
2012-11-06 22:32:50
Deshroud those valves, wewt!
2012-11-06 23:49:32
3inch exhuast!
2012-11-06 23:54:18
I wouldn't recommend boring without a torque plate, it may work but you are taking a huge chance. It is recommended to have the transmission attached also to simulate the true distortion of the block when the transmission is bolted up. I have never bolted a transmission up when boring but it can't hurt. Bored vet gasket is the way to go.
2012-11-06 23:58:21
Torque plate not needed but again if you can get ahold of one it is better.

Bored VET gasket is your best option as there are no 88mm specific gaskets other than i think Cometic which I wouldnt trust for a doormat.

Yes, there is much to be gained from going from a 2.0L to 2.1L, Using general math its about 15whp just from increase in displacement, not counting compression boost and other things. The ones ive seen completed are making about 20whp more than what they made on a 2.0L
2012-11-07 00:02:31
Thanks for the info.

I was not sure if the torque plate was important only when installing new sleeves and going larger bore or for all boring.

I have sent emails to a few well known tuner machine shops over here to see if they use one!

Vet it is
2012-11-08 01:38:09

That's Payu's 88mm 13:1 build
2012-11-08 02:03:59
Macakin when is your upgrade coming
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