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Thread: AFM for q45 TB

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2012-10-28 10:54:43
I just did abit of reading, and came across this :-

"Well Guys and Girls, I tried everything this weekend to get the P12 MAF working with no luck.
It looks like consult 2 Maf’s seem to return a different voltage to the ECU the ODB 1 units.
The voltage being returned is to low causing the ECU to have a error code."

This would be a 20V afm on a 20VE, so i guess that is a no go?

Seems almost if not everyone is using the Q45 AFM
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2012-10-28 20:33:54
You do have a Nistune so get your hands dirty and manually modify the VQ table in the low resolution voltages for the Q45 MAF until it suits, otherwise the Lightning MAF is a better option to try
2012-10-28 20:35:39
Use the Q45 over the 20V. The Q45 is cheaper, easier to get hold of and easier to tune.
2012-10-29 08:18:48
Ive never come accross a 20v maf curve, ive got 2 of the mafs lying around but no idea how to use them lol.
2012-10-29 13:10:51
Q45TB, Q45MAF over here!!!
Its not that bad to tune!!!
2012-10-29 20:37:13
Ive used q45 mafs on 2 differnt NA cars with no problems at all, no issues with resolution or load scaling. One was a 20v engine, other was a sr20de autech engine.
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