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Thread: VE with girdle?

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2012-11-04 18:25:40
Originally Posted by 200sx
Originally Posted by P10FTW
Originally Posted by 200sx
I wonder what u can rev up to on a boosted ve....8k....8.5.....9...?

Yes yes and yes.

I can go 9k on my t3'd STOCK internal'd ve?!?! Nice, never knew that!

Depends on what your car makes power to and what cams you are using. If your on stock cams and stock springs and retainers I would highly highly not recommend going past 8k. If you are on n1's then its fine, if you have springs and retainers well then your fine either way.

Bottom end wise, yeah its fine to rev that high.
2012-11-06 22:54:01
just for information purposes, N1 V1 and N1 V2 rev limits


2012-11-07 17:25:52
interesting, they also have different cam switch points
kinda makes me think they are different motors, like 16ve VS n1.
2012-11-07 17:28:42
@happyharrysco1, in your response, you say "N1 V1 and N1 V2". Does this mean two different versions of N1 or the regular SR16VE engine is V1 and the SR16VE N1 engine is V2?
@Teal97, if the two switch points are for the two different engines, it makes sense since the cams are different and a lot of other parts are different on the N1 engines vs. the non N1 SR16VE engine.
2012-11-07 17:35:28
there was two versions of the vzr n1 @Kyle v1 and v2, this is in addition to the normal non n1 16ve, the v2 had adjusted maps and a single switch point for both cams, there were also vehicle interior differences with the v2 having orange trimmed skyline fronts seats and other interior parts with the orange trim, common belief is that of the v2 run of n1's there were less than 40 sold!

I'll put up the non n1 16ve stuff later on to show the difference to that too

Last edited by happyharrysco1 on 2012-11-07 at 17-48-40.
2012-11-07 17:38:27
Thank you, then indeed, I agree with @Teal97. That is odd.
2012-11-07 18:24:27
here's autech's literature on the two n1 versions, there's enough pics and diagrams in them for those of us (like me) who dont read japanese to see the differences lol

vz-r n1 v1

vz-r n1 v2
2012-11-07 21:26:59
ok to round this out here is the full set of ve bins i have, (there are some more out there that i don't have yet, the '20V' 20VE, the 20VET and the JB15's VZ-R 16VE, though i am unsure if this differs from the normal 16VE bin). so these are the rev limits and switching points for the SR16VE, SR16VE N1 V1, SR16VE N1 V2, and SR20VE

SR16VE - ECU Partnumber 2N500

SR16VE N1 V1 ECU Partnumber 2N510

SR16VE N1 V2 ECU Partnumber 2N560

SR20VE ECU Partnumber 5J002
Last edited by happyharrysco1 on 2012-11-07 at 21-45-16.
2012-11-07 21:39:46
Great info! Thank you, @happyharrysco1 !!!
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