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Thread: VE with girdle?

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2012-10-27 03:05:25
Originally Posted by Kyle
20V and VET have a girdle. Come on, fellas!

LOL, prove it. Oh, I forgot you don't have a VE.

I have the Japanese 20V FSM showing no girdle.
2012-10-27 04:39:31
My VE at the Deep shop has a knifed 8cw crank and a girdle. N1 pistons for compression. Is the crank scraper and baffles advised as well? This one in Teflon is what I was considering:
2012-10-27 07:49:19
Originally Posted by 5speed
LOL, prove it. Oh, I forgot you don't have a VE.

I have the Japanese 20V FSM showing no girdle.

So the FSM is the word of god and never wrong.

Maybe someone can provide pictures and I can be wrong and shamed more by you?

Come on, I just want to see some sort of resolution here and if my argument can provide some factual information, that would be well worth the hazing!

Here we go from Mr. Miko
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2012-10-27 08:52:38
F/S 20v Engine with VET pistons [Archive] - SR20 Forum

From the archive...
2012-10-27 12:02:05
Originally Posted by pTen
I thought it was just the vet?

2012-10-27 13:02:53
20V has no girdle

VET has a girdle
2012-10-27 19:43:35
built ve-T,ve oil pan tabs grinded to fit de crank and girdle here.
for strength and turbo lag sake..
2012-11-01 02:15:30
SR20VE = 7200 RPM limited (all CVT)
SR16VE = 8000 RPM limited
SR16VE N1 = 8000 RPM limited
SR20VE 20V = 7800 RPM limited (6 speed awesomeness)
SR20VET = 6800 RPM limited (or 7000 RPM, whatever you wish. Only sold as Automatic)


Nissan X-Trail GT - 280hp 2001 | Trade Me

Nissan X-Trail GT 4WD. Was $16985 now $159... 2003 | Trade Me



Nissan X-Trail 2000 Press Release

The girdle was added to reduce noise and vibration, but it does produce some windage losses due to the oil passing between the girdle and the crank. A girdle can be added to brace the main caps and produce less harmonic vibrations, making it safer to rev higher and leading to longer bearing life.

Thanks to @pTen @Keo @Nathan_Barstow @B15NEOVVL @happyharrysco1
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2012-11-01 03:08:10
They are nice and all but for an N/A setup I wouldn't bother. We have been spinning these thing up to 10K without any bearing issues and this is after long period of abuse. I do like it on a turbo motor since I think of it as a 'brace'.
2012-11-01 12:30:37
We put the girdle on my buddy's VE+T we built. I think it's really worth it, personally. I don't think we put the 8cw crank in, but it's been a couple of year, so I don't remember exactly. With the girdle, and lots of abuse that car is still going strong! The GTi-R T28 is starting to show some signs of abuse (smokes a very little bit occasionally), but it did get pulled from a GTi-R engine that had a piston basically just spider and crumble inside the block. It was nasty...

We've got another friend that is slowly modifying the ITB's from that GTi-R to fit his NA VE. They might not be ideal, but he's really excited to see how it will respond.
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