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Thread: N1 IN SR16EX 20V Cam Mix

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2012-10-24 20:08:03
N1 IN SR16EX 20V Cam Mix
Has anyone tried mixing N1 IN cam with either SR16 or 20V EX cam I wonder because for some reason SR20VE here when tested with SR16 cams with cam gears they produce more torque than N1's cams and a broader power band!! I wonder if this is associated with the EX having less lift and less duration than N1's!! Maybe that the motor works better having less lift on the EX side
Throw you inputs or results!!
I may be looking for more torque an better power band on my motor trying this!!
2012-10-24 20:26:28
test it and tell us jaja

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2012-10-24 20:33:38
Originally Posted by shagui
test it and tell us jaja

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Consigueme el palo de escape prestado y lo pruebo enseguida y lo posteo jajajaa
2012-10-24 20:41:07

Custom cam combo (Big intake/small exhaust)

Pretty same what Jamie found out. It should work nicely with OE cams too. You should try it as probably not much people want to share...
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2012-10-24 20:56:26
Yea I've been wanting to try this for a while aswell.even kelford intake w n1 ex or even sr16 ex. I notice similar motors (hondas) are using profiles similar or larger intake w smaller exhaust sides. Really fun to test.
2012-10-24 21:12:01
Interested in the overlap because this should harm the effects of scavenging during blowdown
2012-10-25 01:10:38
Interested in what the turn out would be
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2012-10-25 03:13:42

dont have the means and time to test this but i still have my sr16 non n1s....

another question is if it does make a broader powerband, will it increase the peak power?

cant wait for someone to test it
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2012-10-25 12:36:18
I would like just to make peak sooner and hold the power like N1's and make more torque too!! Basically its to keep same peak power (if it makes more its better) and produce more power sooner!!

I just got some 20V cams!! I will just test the exhaust I thing It could be beneficial before cam activation too since 20V cams have more lift on the EX than N1's and will see if the motor like's the lower lift and duration on the High lobe!!!

Pretty much!! All of the Drag Cartel (K20) cams have more lift and duration on the IN side than the EX I can understand that this is because the head actually flow less on the EX than the IN we will see how it turn out!!!
2012-10-25 13:22:45
inlet flows more because it has to suck the air in using vacuum, where as the exhaust stroke pushes the air out, along with having expansion due to heat on it's side, also smaller cams or smaller valves on the exhaust can actually increase the exit velocity which in turn can increase the scavenging effect (depending on overlap etc) and drawing in more air during the intake stroke. it's more complicated than this obviously but thats the basics
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