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Thread: Camshaft Choices for VE...

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2012-10-19 16:45:58
Camshaft Choices for VE...
i have been in touch with JWT re: cams for ve motors, as i indicated in some other thread that i couldn't find. latest update:

Engineers are not done yet with testing and development. Don't have an exact time frame on when these will be available yet and no pricing yet either. Check back with us the first part of next year if interested to check our progress. JWT have a crate full of cam blanks...

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2012-10-19 18:29:05
Not much demands for VE cam in the market.. i guess, i think we either can buy franklin cam or kelford cam only at the moment ... compare to those honda aftermarket support ... real shame !! their aftermarket part is available from top branded to those china-made ...

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2012-10-19 18:41:05
Franklins are worthless
Kelfords are better if you know what your doing and have a setup that can take full advantage of them
Marsh Tuning is in works of several different cam profiles and testing has already been done and look very promising on what is considered to be the mild cam from the looks of things.
Testing is still going on on the big lobe/big duration at high lift cams that require slight modifications to the valve stem seals and rocker arms but so far tests have shown very positive but are not complete.

You can hit up Jamie or Mark at Marsh Tuning for more details and time frame of when these will be an off the shelf item.
2012-10-19 18:53:19
JWT and Marsh, ftw!
2012-10-19 18:57:01
There will be multiple cam sets in development this winter in CT... Stay tuned kiddies...
2012-10-19 18:57:31
I have been reading about the Franklin 20v/N1 cams... any feedback on that? i also saw that kelford do costum made cams but are they reliable? any thoughts about this?

I would like to get something that gives the car high torque down low and up to 8500rpms... thats why im interested on franklin's 20v/N1 or a same profile from Kelford...

Really intersted in this...
2012-10-19 19:16:05
Agreed times a million with @ivanorcan
2012-10-19 19:40:38
Snickers has been in touch with JWT about some new cams, if you have access see here: JWT VE cams, Serious Inquiries here
2012-10-19 22:18:20
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
Franklins are worthless

I have to take offense to what you just spouted out of your mouth. The Franklin S3's are just like the N1's. The FS4's were not that good but they tried to come up with a cam. They even went as far as to send a set to America to get tested free of charge. They will make any cam you want if you give them the spec, but after what happened when they sent the free cams to get tested I don't blame them for not jumping head 1st into the market. I know they have a different version of the FS4 which I'm sure they learned from the locals in NZ who tested the cams for them.
2012-10-19 22:28:12
Why would you produce a cam to match the n1's, cost more than n1's when n1's have always been readily available.

The only good set was the hybrid 20v/n1 combo which apparently did well at doing exactly what they thought it would do when copying two factory cams lol. Yes they put effort but it was a futile effort. Kelford actually stepped up and even though their first several sets of cams got outperformed by n1's they kept at it and finally made the latest series of the 184c's which do pretty well when used with the HC and big bore motors. So yeah, they stuck with it, Franklin didnt.

Sorry I offended you but its the cold hard truth.
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