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Thread: Ve Idle Issues

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2012-10-17 05:02:57
Ve Idle Issues
Having some issues with my ve b13. Idle for the most part stays at a consistent 1k rpm when warm, but once I start driving the car the idle fluctuates. Say im driving at 3k rpm in 3rd gear, if I put the clutch in and put it in neutral, the idle drops to 400 rpm or so, goes up a bit and either holds an idle if I give it a little gas or dies if I dont. If Im in 3rd gear and let it ride out until 1k rpm and put the clutch in, it'll hold a steady idle. Sometimes however, when Im driving the car in the same scenario and depress the clutch, it'll hold an idle at 2.5k rpm. Idle is pretty much all over. Not sure what ecu is in there along with the tune, but I don't think that's the issue. Thinking its the iacv valve but Id like to get some input on what you guys thought the issue was. Need your help on this one.
2012-10-17 13:23:41
I'd say check your idle air control.
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